4 Ways IT Professionals Can Simplify Their Day

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4 Ways IT Professionals Can Simplify Their Day

What if you could simplify your day, do less of the boring tasks, and spend more time accomplishing things? Learn how with a few simple tricks.

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If you’re honest with yourself, you spend most of the day doing things that aren’t exactly the most fun. However, in order to get to the important tasks that you enjoy handling, you have to check these monotonous, time-consuming responsibilities off the list. Well, what if you could simplify your day, do less of the boring, and spend more time accomplishing things you genuinely enjoy doing? With a few simple tricks, you may be able to do just that.

Finding Bottlenecks in Your Personal Life

Stever Robbins, the self-proclaimed “Get-It-Done-Guy,” believes one of the primary keys in improving productivity is identifying and removing bottlenecks. And while the information he offers is anything but groundbreaking, he does offer one of the better examples of what a bottleneck actually is. It shows how three situations which may appear to be identical on the surface can actually have three completely different bottlenecks.

He starts by discussing the Autobahn in Germany – the highway with no speed limit. On these roadways, the bottleneck (or limiting factor) is your car’s top speed. If your car’s accelerator can only reach 105 miles per hour, that’s as fast as you can go. However, if you look at a traditional American highway, the bottleneck is completely different. While you may drive the same car with a capability of going 105 miles per hour, the bottleneck is actually the posted speed limit of 70 miles per hour. On a dirt road with no speed limit, the bottleneck is the quality and traction of the road.

In other words, you can be in the same car the entire time, but there are three distinct bottlenecks. You have to look past the obvious. Are you aware of what the bottlenecks in your own life are? If you’ve never considered the question, you more than likely haven’t solved them. In order to accomplish more and apply the tips mentioned in the next section, IT professionals have to start by identifying and removing productivity-killing bottlenecks.

For you, a bottleneck could be leaving your home at 8:30 when you know rush hour traffic is at its peak. A solution would be to arrive at work earlier and leave earlier – eliminating wasted time in traffic and getting more done. For another person, a bottleneck may look like using an outdated operating system for their computer – preventing maximum performance and causing frequent crashes. A solution would be to upgrade the operating system, understanding that future benefits outweigh upfront costs.

4 Tips for Accomplishing More

The following tips will help you identify potential bottlenecks and remove them for increased productivity in your daily work life:

  • Surround yourself with the right tools. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t do everything on your own and expect to be successful. This is especially true in the IT industry where you need to constantly learn from others. Find tools and resources like Spiceworks Help Desk, Computerworld, or – yes – your very own DZone, and learn from those around you. Engage in conversations, try new tools, and adopt new productivity strategies.
  • Eliminate unnecessary meetings. In the workplace, there’s arguably no bigger time-waster than unnecessary meetings. However, every business seems to think they’re important and effective. If you have any say, consider eliminating or consolidating meetings. And when you do hold them, make sure they’re properly structured. As technical consultant Glenn Dejaeger writes, “Organize the room in a way that communication is stimulated instead of trying to isolate every team member.” Make them brief and give everyone a chance to have their voice heard.
  • Learn to say no. Have you come to terms with the incredibly empowering ability to say ‘No?’ When you can’t fit something into your schedule or it doesn’t make sense to add a new responsibility, don’t be afraid to politely, yet firmly say no. It will change the way you operate on a daily basis.
  • Enhance co-worker communication. When you work closely with other people on a regular basis, you need to focus on clear, precise communication. If you and your co-workers aren’t currently practicing open communication (even when it’s not easy), you need to start. It speeds up processes and eliminates delays caused by confusion or lack of clarity.

  • Putting it All Together

    In the end, simplifying your day, improving productivity, and doing more of what you enjoy calls for identifying and removing bottlenecks. Using these four tips, can you find bottlenecks in your own career?

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