5 Artificial Intelligence Tools For Organizations Today

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5 Artificial Intelligence Tools For Organizations Today

Plenty of AI tools are already being used across various industries. Here is the list of some of the top AI tools to transform your business.

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With each passing day, Artificial Intelligence has become an indispensable part of our lives, particularly businesses. From personal assistants on phones to driverless cars, AI has managed to surprise us through its massive transformation over the years. 

Many organizations, including the big tech-giants, are ardently investing in Artificial Intelligence and thriving to develop innovative products by utilizing this technology. The intention behind building these products is to analyze and identify the user’s current behavior and predict actions based on these observations. 

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However, plenty of AI tools are already being used across various industries. These are supporting the industries in empowering their business and simplifying operations. Here is the list of some of the top AI tools to transform your business.

Legal Robot

Legal Robot is a very crucial tool especially for startups as its difficult for them to afford a legal aid to interpreting the fundamentals of an agreement. The AI technology of this app enables you to understand the legal processes and intricacies behind any business action or operation. 

This software provides users with the ability to analyze business contracts in a simple, readable language by examining the legal details. It conducts contract infringement checks, evaluates contracts through various criteria, thus supporting you to have strong negotiations with legal professionals. 


Any Salesforce team seems scattered without fixed goals and price updates. Troops.AI acts as a Slack bot (designed to interact with users) for Salesforce by providing access to real-time data. It enables users to configure Salesforce reports, communicate about deals, and create new dashboards or alerts through Slack that will keep the team informed. 

Right from generating reports through Slack to analyzing customer information in Salesforce, Troops centralizes this information in one place.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based advanced analytics solution that is specially designed to ease the machine learning process. It also enables you to build, manage, and deploy your own applications on a huge global network with the help of your tools and framework. 

You can also run your existing applications on this cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure offers tools that can serve various industries like finance, e-commerce, etc. and is greatly flexible as it allows the users to access their preferred tools and technologies. 

Google Cloud

Google Cloud plays a key role in data scientists and engineers to develop and deploy their machine learning projects swiftly and, in a cost-effective way. The platform offers AI integrated tools to build and run your own applications on the Google cloud console, without making any changes in the code. This means that your developers can write code once, run it on Google cloud, or any other infrastructure with no change in the code. 


Conversica is a virtual sales assistant programmed to reach out and interact with the gross sales leads, further allowing the sales staff to concentrate on the closure of offers, rather than tracking down sales leads and prospects. This AI tool connects to the leads several times through an automated process and two-way email communication as long as you need to stay connected. 

From providing SaaS-based HRMS software to advanced analytics solutions, AI has greatly evolved in the past few years. Organizations need to understand the significance of AI in business and start implementing it. This will greatly support in increasing efficiency in their operations and find innovative ways to generate greater revenue.

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