5 Aspects of Cloud Computing to Watch Out For in 2016

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5 Aspects of Cloud Computing to Watch Out For in 2016

The cloud computing space evolved a lot in 2015. 2016 holds quite a bit in store, like a rise in hybrid cloud, container tech, and more!

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What began as a fancy way of doing business is catching up and companies are fast getting onboard the cloud computing bandwagon. Cloud computing affords businesses a set of privileges that desktop computing just cannot match. Some of the chief reasons why enterprises are seeking cloud computing are as follows.

Companies today regardless of size can aim for economies of scale thanks to cheap computing power available in the cloud. It is perfectly suited even for small and medium enterprises thanks to the pay as you go pricing model. The applications and the data can be accessed anywhere globally and collaborators can work in real time. Taking stock of the situation is easier thanks to a centralized monitoring facility.

The best part is that there is no need to buy expensive software licenses. Any software application upgrades, and the security feature aspects are the sole obligations of the cloud service provider. When it comes to efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and scalability the cloud undoubtedly triumphs over the rest. 

Staying competitive in today’s world demands high levels of investment in technology in its various avatars. But enter cloud computing and all your worries go away thanks to ‘rent, don’t buy’ policy so strikingly espoused by it. It is easy to stay on top of market opportunities and retain your competitive edge with cloud computing. The future of cloud computing will only get brighter.

Here are the big trends in cloud computing seen in 2015:

Hybrid Cloud is On

Hybrid cloud means using the private cloud and public cloud in synchronization to achieve the best efficiency and performance levels. This way enterprises can effortlessly use the best of both worlds in order to drive stellar results. The sensitive and confidential data can stay within the confines of the company on a private cloud whereas data that needs a lot of processing without having to worry about its confidentiality can be deployed to the public cloud.

In 2016 we will be seeing the rise of hybrid cloud with companies embracing it due to its sheer efficacy. There will be more unified cloud solutions that will be the best of both worlds.  

Cloud Facilitator Comes of Age

Due to the rapid adoption of cloud computing there is a need for a liaising agent. It is like a brokerage service that matches the needs of an enterprise with the right cloud services making it a win-win situation. Many companies which are in the non-IT domain today heavily need a cloud computing service but they do not have the wherewithal to understand the nuances of the service. This is where the facilitator can step in and make the experience seamless and fruitful.

Expect a lot of action in this space in the coming year.

Designing with Cloud in Mind

As the cloud deployment becomes more pronounced there will be a whole class of companies that will start designing their software applications keeping the cloud architecture in mind. The strength of the cloud platform can be harnessed and maximum benefit be derived from it only when the applications are build around the cloud.

These are still early days but definitely more enterprises will give it a shot soon.

Container Technologies Surge Ahead

Moving software from one environment to another can be seamless thanks to software containers. In today’s demanding scenario it is commonplace for software to get shifted from one location to another.  It could be from a laptop to a data center, or a test platform to a virtual environment. During such a movement the software cannot usually run in the new environment. It could be due to issues related to the new operating system, network protocols, security and storage standards.

Containers help to run any application in any environment thanks to bundling of all the features, supporting attributes, configuration files, and so on into one entity. This ensures any incompatibilities between the old and the new environment can be safely and conveniently ignored.

2016 will see the dominance of software container technologies in newer ways.

Get Uninterrupted Delivery

There is an exigent need for software applications to deliver continuous results regardless of multiple platforms and incompatible infrastructure issues. The cloud delivers on that promise to let you seamlessly access an application with all the latest changes and updates without a hitch. The user even though he is in the middle of an application will receive the latest iteration without the necessity for him to know how or when it got done. 

A seamless delivery of software application is not an option anymore but critical to business survival. Cloud can be your best bet here.

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