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5 Best Code Editors That Can Shorten Your Coding Time

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5 Best Code Editors That Can Shorten Your Coding Time

These five code editors are intended to add comfort to the developer’s coding style as well as to help shorten time spent coding.

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The passion and dedication of a developer can never be compared with any other profession. Every developer dedicates his or her life to developing the best source code that can work for the client with minimal code length and bug along with maximum functionalities.

With the passage of time, countless tools have been provided to the developers that help them to minimize their coding time without compromising the quality of code. The code editors have proved to be highly beneficial in that concern. A software development company which offers effective development services along with social media jobs use these code editors, but few of them are highly recommended by the top software developers.

Let’s take a tour of five best code editors that can shorten your coding time.

1. Notepad++

The mostly used free tool that is nowadays being used by even non-developers. There are numerous programming languages that can be coded within this code editor. It is purely written in C++. All the syntax and codes are highlighted in different colors that help the reader to easily understand the coding format. The GUI provided to it is made similar to other editors available in the Windows OS. Click here for the official link.

2. Atom.io

There are features like cross-platform editing, smart auto-completion, multiple panes, and find and replace that makes it one of the best code editor in the market. It is available for Windows 7 and later operating systems. It is a modern and approachable editor that is available free of cost     and easy to customize that comes with 50 open-source packages. The file system browser makes it easy to dive into a complex code and make amendments without any hurdle. Click here for the official link. 

3. SlickEdit

Most developers prefer SlickEdit as their first choice among all the available tools. The multi-OS platform makes it the king of all code editors. It is made available for Windows and Linux as well as Mac OS X, but it is available for the trial version. Later, you need to buy the professional, standard, or core edition under the paid version. Click here for the official link.

4. TextMate

The barrier of programming and Mac OS is almost bridged by the development of TextMate. It is made solely for Mac OS X and it has not any complex GUI, so it brings a common platform for both the expert scripters as well as novice writers. It is made available for free for the trial period only. After that, you are required to pay. It supports more than 50 languages along with many other features like foldable code blocks, function pop-up for quick overview and navigation, and recordable macros with no programming required, is pluggable through your favorite scripting language, and much more. Click here for the official link. 

5. CoffeeCup

The need for an HTML editor and web editor is completed by CoffeeCup Editor. It is a simple tool to work on HTML and CSS projects. Their advanced editor functionalities make it easy for newbie users to code without any complexion. Being lightweight, it starts quickly. It also offers the project organization option to handle multiple projects. Click here for the official link.

All the above-mentioned code editors are purely made to add comfort to the developer’s coding style. Numerous enhancements are added to them on a regular basis that helps them to perform even well than what they are doing now.

Select the best one as per your choice and start coding the world!

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