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5 Common Barriers to Agile Adoption [Video]

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5 Common Barriers to Agile Adoption [Video]

In this video, Bryan Smith speaks with Kelly Weyrauch about the intersection of Agile coaching and development, and the medical field

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Agile ways of working are increasingly sought after by organizations seeking the successful development and delivery of hardware and software. But while the agile approach is a proven one, ‘going agile’ is not a switch you can simply flick to galvanize your delivery teams.

Successfully embedding agile methodologies requires effort beyond the development team itself – and while all organizations are different, the challenges they face in adopting a truly agile approach are often similar.

Join the Continuous Engineering Experts’ Bryan Smith as he welcomes Kelly Weyrauch, Founder of Agile Quality Systems, as they discuss some of the most common barriers we’ve come across to adopting Agile – together with some thoughts on how to overcome them.

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0:01:47 – What are some common challenges to adopting agile in the medical device development field?

0:4:35– Would it be safe to say that undergoing change - especially organizational process change -  is hard?

0:08:01 – Where does the Agile Manifesto come into play here? Are organizations concerned that if they adopt Agile its principles will directly contradict some of their firmly-held beliefs?

0:10:20 – How does compliance and regulations play into Agile adoption? Does the “definition of done” concept play nicely with Agile Adoption and Compliance?

0:13:10 – How does the FDA feel about Agile? Do they support its practice in medical device development?

0:16:25 – Where does the Scaled Agile Framework fit in with Medical Device Development companies?

0:18:18 – What tools are available for integrating Agile into the development process?

0:20:01 – How can organization begin to successfully implement Lean-Agile or Scaled Agile Practices?

0:22:10 – How important is leadership in the successful adoption of Agile? 

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