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5 Cool Gadgets to Come from Kickstarter

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5 Cool Gadgets to Come from Kickstarter

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Tech innovations may often be the home of most tech companies, however since the arrival of Kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites that’s not solely the case. Over the last period of time we’ve seen some awesome tech innovations thanks to these crowdbacked projects and many have come to fruition and are now sold across the web.

Some of these additions are fun, some are life changing and some are just interesting and we’re going to take a look at 5 of our favourites.


One of the biggest issues of our age is that of Internet privacy and the iGuardian aims to solve this problem. As the world’s first Home Internet security system the device acts as a firewall between your digital devices and your Wi-Fi connection. In a day and age where everything from your lighting to your fridge is connected to the web this sort of protection is a must. The great thing is that it only takes 5 minutes to set up and anyone can do it.


The fact we all have a small screen in our hand on a daily basis is a game changer. This device is designed for smartphones and allows us to share any part of our lives moments easily and quickly. You simply pin this little device to your clothing and it can post pics, video or a burst of photos to your media, private cloud or elsewhere with a single click. The possibilities are endless and it truly is something that allows you to share your day.


A discreet and wearable device that fits neatly on the back and monitors posture, gently vibrating when you slouch. The device can be turned on and off to work short and long periods and is the perfect, simple way to correct posture and improve your back’s health and also the way you look.

MOAB – Mother of All Batteries

The world’s most powerful, slimmest, tallest and lightest USB mobile device and one that provides 100Wh of power to charge four devices at the one time. The Mother of All Batteries is the perfect power source for times when you’re away from the mains and reduces the need to carry a variety of adaptors. It’s attractive, powerful and useful and in a world where we all need a little boost of battery at one time or another, a necessity.


A smartphone controlled hydroponic system that’s perfect for growing amazing vegetables and super tasty herbs. Niwa  is perfect for producing peppers and tomatoes in your living room. Created from high quality materials and with the real world in mind, Niwa allows you to grow something fantastic in front of your eyes and with the power of your smartphone. It’s a truly innovative item and one that we think is fantastic.

These are just five of the coolest Kickstarter items on the market right now and certainly worth a look if you’re into your gadgets and tech.


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