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5 Creative Ways Car Manufacturers Are Using Big Data

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5 Creative Ways Car Manufacturers Are Using Big Data

Car manufacturers are using Big Data not only for research but for things such as inventory management. Read on to see how else car manufacturers are using Big Data.

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With today’s rapidly advancing technology, modern vehicles are computers with wheels, airbags, and passenger space. The innovation within your car allows drivers to safely route destinations, play satellite radio, take hands-free phone calls, keep the car within the lane, and avoid accidents through proximity sensors and automatic breaks. All of these enhancements and improvements are indebted to advancing software technology and big data analysis.

What Is Big Data?

Big data is the collection and analysis of extremely large sets of data. This information can be computationally sorted to reveal any sorts of trends, patterns, or associations. Big data technology is especially useful when relating to human behavior, and any interactions humans have with a product or service. When collecting data for analysis it’s important to keep these three things in mind: volume, variety, and variability. The amount of data being analyzed on an international and global scale is colossal, and will only continue to grow as more and more information is being collected throughout the years.

Smartphone Utilization

Manufacturers are beginning to use smartphone technologies along with big data analysis in order to keep drivers informed about their vehicle. Some forms of hybrid cars have sensors that can generate and process information that is sent back to the driver via a mobile application. This software has the ability to inform the user about their battery life, determine the closest charging station for their vehicle, and reveal other information about the car’s performance. This data allows for the user to feel secure and connected to their automotive without some of the anxieties that hybrid cars bring.

Analyzing Social Media

The analysis of social media and other forms of web data is used with big data analysis to assess online customer reports. These studies allow for manufacturers to figure out what their customers are saying about their vehicles under unbiased presumptions. They’re able to collect data about how vehicles compare to one another under the public eye and discover problems with current makes. Using customer feedback with information they can’t always gain through surveys helps implement and change current car features. It can also help to determine where the manufacture needs to focus on future improvements.

Performance Feedback

Self-learning systems within cars can evaluate proper functionality by recognizing driving conditions and adjusting its performance accordingly. Manufacturers continue to put as many sensors as possible with the new makes and models of cars, but updating legacy technology that remains on the roads is the true challenge. Each car has thousands of different parts and sensors that are put in a variety of pieces along the supply chain. Getting a complete view of vehicles, their sensors, and feedback allows for the collection of data and the research of future efficiency.

Managing Inventory

Companies use big data within inventory management systems to ensure that dealers have the optimal amount of vehicles within their lots. Replacing a vehicle with the same car that was just sold isn’t always the best stock option. There are certain vehicles with the capacity to sell better than others and being able to collect data on the issue helps dealers determine what to stock. Big data not only collects the inventory sales but uses other locally relevant information to assist the software in making recommendations.

Continuing Research & Analytics

By experimenting with open source technologies and information, manufacturers have been able to use big data to gather and collect user data. Large processes of data gathering from natural language and text documents reveal cross-relationships between people and business. Using this information to traverse between the two allows for the identification of initial patterns, moving averages, distribution histograms, identify core determinants of process performance, and allows for the formation of future hypothesizes about what’s next for the business.


Big data analysis allows for rapidly advancing technology to be checked in and compared against user feedback and input. The combination of big data and car manufacturing has greatly increased the positive feedback within the industry. Being able to adjust features due to the public’s opinion helps to tailor and improve products based on what the community wants. This cross relationship between people and business will only improve the way that cars are manufactured in the future.

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