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5 Eclipse plugins I can't live without

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5 Eclipse plugins I can't live without

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I know, I know, I'm the n'th guy with a list about Eclipse plugins. But blogging about installing Eclipse plugins can't really go without a list of the plugins I actually use, and can't live without. Besides, if no one cares, I still have a good reference list when configuring a new workstation :).


Well, I'm mainly a Java programmer, but I like to do some side work in PHP. Furthermore I'm not a person that wants as much functionality as possible into my IDE, just a few things to make my life easier. Almost all development I do is web development, so JavaScript is pretty important as well.

The List

1. SpringIDE

Since I use Spring a lot, it's nice to have some support for it. Especially when editing the XML files with my beans.

[ Website ] - [ Eclipse update site ]

2. JBoss Tools

I use it mainly for Hibernate support, but the RichFaces and Seam support are also welcome. JBoss descripbes it's Hibernate support as:

Supporting mapping files, annotations and JPA with reverse engineering, code completion, project wizards, refactoring, interactive HQL/JPA-QL/Criteria execution and more.In short a merger of Hibernate Tools and Exadel ORM features.


[ Website ] - [ Eclipse update site ]

3. JSEclipse

Like I said, I do a fair amount of JavaScript. Mostly using JQuery. JSEclipse was aquired by Adobe and freely available. Especially the auto completion features that I'm used to when coding in Java is a great help when working with JavaScript. Unfortunately there is no update site for eclipse, which would be a great improvement from Adobe. You also need a (free) Adobe account, that's probably the reason why they have no update site. That may be a showstopper for some people, but I consider it acceptable because the plugin is really good.

[ Website ]

4. Subclipse

I doubted a bit about putting this on my list. I actually prefer doing my Subversion administration with TortoiseSVN and even commandline. So why did I put this plugin on my list? I do like to see the history and the status of my source fields in my IDE. And I've come to realize that's someting I don't want to miss, and thus making it to my list.

[ Website ] - [ Eclipse update site ]

5. PHP Development Tools

Or short, PDT. Well, I mentioned my programming in PHP, and using PDT I can still use Eclipse. It might not be interesting for the Java developers out there, but still worth mentioning when you need to do some PHP work.

[ Website ] - [ Eclipse update site ]

What about you?

I know this is a very subjective topic, but everyone has some favorite plugins. So let me know what plugins you really like, and recommend me using, because tools are meant to make our lives easier, and I am always looking for ways to accomplish that.

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