5 Exceptional Regression Testing Tools

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5 Exceptional Regression Testing Tools

Open-source tools are free, but we need to look at the bigger picture. Check out this list of five regression testing automation tools for enterprises.

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Regression test automation tools have changed the way we used to perform regression testing earlier.

“If you’re relentlessly focused on lowering cost, you’ll quickly become oblivious to opportunities to increase value.”

This quote by Michael Bolton always inspires me to never compromise on the quality work that needs to be done, though I have to give away some of my dosh.

Earlier, we discussed the top powerful features of automated regression testing tools that can help us to perform regression test automation very effectively. Considering those benefits, we can achieve greater success through the most competitive and commercial tools rather than going for the open-source ones. Surely, open-source ones are free, but we need to look at the bigger picture. Commercial enterprise testing automation tools have been deployed well by our testing industry after examining their highly valuable benefits.

Let’s discuss the top regression testing automation tools for enterprises looking for quality applications and faster deliveries.

1. TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is a codeless regression test automation tool for web, mobile, and cloud apps that comes with more than 290 predefined test commands to write and edit the test cases. TestingWhiz assembles the application changes in a log and helps in updating the existing test cases if required. Testers can schedule the test cases to run at a specified time and can also execute them as per their feasibility.

  • Supports regression testing for applications’ back-end layers like databases and web services.
  • Has a built-in record and playback recorder that maintains and optimizes regression test suites.
  • Tests system’s continuous integrations after every unit tests.
  • Supports browser testing on multiple latest browsers.
  • Provides continuous integration with the servers, test management, and defect tracking tools.

2. SahiPro

Sahi is definitely available as an open-source tool, but Sahi Pro is a commercial testing automation tool for web applications. Sahi Pro manages automation regression testing for the large testing suites. Test cases written in Sahi Pro can be non-brittle in nature and thus need less maintenance.

  • Has an internal record and playback feature to test on various browsers and operating systems.
  • Tests applications developed using various frameworks like ExtJS, ZK, Dojo, YUI, and more.
  • Obliterates timeout issues causing using AJAX and similar page loading elements.
  • Has inbuilt report generation feature to list out the successful and failed test cases.

3. TestComplete

TestComplete from Smartbear is a platform used for its desktop, web, and mobile testing tools. It automates functional and regression testing. It supports test creation in various languages like JavaScript, C++ Script, C#Script, VB Script, Python, JScript, and DelphiScript.

  • Supports integration with various source control systems.
  • Offers an Automated Test Recording Engine to develop test cases.
  • Generates reports that contain detailed logs.
  • Renders built-in keyword-driven testing operations.
  • Performs regression testing even on UI changes.

4. Silk Test

Silk Test is an automated testing tool by Borland (previously Segue Software) to perform functional and regression testing. It is based on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language similar to C++ that has objects, classes, and inheritance.

  • Supports test script conversion from text to GUI commands.
  • Performs regression testing on all machines and nodes.
  • Uses record and playback and descriptive programming processes.
  • Offers cross-functionality testing across various browsers.

5. IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester is an automation testing software to perform functional and regression testing. It can test applications like .Net, Java, Siebel, SAP, terminal emulator-based applications, PowerBuilder, Ajax, Adobe Flex, Dojo Toolkit, GEF, Adobe PDF documents, zSeries, iSeries, and pSeries.

  • Offers test visualization and assembling using normal language.
  • Automates regression testing during UI changes as well.
  • Offers data-driven testing with various test data sets.
  • Has capabilities of customized recording of user actions and its maintenance.

Closing Thoughts

Check out these exceptional regression testing tools as they have been used by many SMEs and MNCs. Also, feel free to share your favorite easy and powerful regression testing tool that has helped you improve the efficiency of your apps.

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