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Karsten Sitterberg: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

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Karsten Sitterberg: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

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Continuing a series of articles focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features, here's the next part, by Karsten Sitterberg. -- NetBeans team.

Karsten Sitterberg is a long time NetBeans user. Starting in 2009, around the time he got certified as an Oracle certified Java developer, he started working as a freelancer/trainer with NetBeans IDE. His focus lies in web applications and in front-end development.

What are your 5 favorite NetBeans IDE features?

  1. Versatility. NetBeans IDE is the only IDE I need. NetBeans is an IDE that provides support for Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. Working as a freelancer in different projects, I need tooling that supports all of these.

    Here are some screenshots of different projects of mine to show the different usages of NetBeans IDE:

    For university projects, I rely on the NetBeans C++ support. It is great to never change the IDE and the process.

  2. Performance. In modern software development, performance is a crucial thing. NetBeans IDE delivers this performance, for example, with its powerful code completion and its inspections, which keep me from making programming mistakes!

  3. Scalability to Professional Levels. I use NetBeans IDE for training and coaching developers because it is a fast to install and easy to set up environment. Also, NetBeans IDE provides a non-confusing, clean user interface, from which everyone benefits, from trainees and trainers on one hand, to professional developers on the other.

  4. Java-Based Cross Platform. As NetBeans is a Java based IDE, it can be used across many platforms, for example, when teaching Java to beginners on a Windows platform and then switching to a Linux based platform for development purposes. Both is done within the same user interface and great user experience.

  5. Open Source & Professional Quality. I strongly believe in open source and thus appreciate very much that NetBeans IDE also is an open source tool. Even more, NetBeans is an open source tool delivered in high professional quality, including regular updates and bug fixes, which is why I put my trust in NetBeans IDE!

Contribute to this series! Do you and your colleagues also want to share your team's favorite NetBeans features with the world? Write to netbeans dot webmaster at gmail dot com.

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