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Morten Bergset: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

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Morten Bergset: My Five Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

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Continuing a series of articles focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features, here's the next part, by Morten Bergset in Norway. -- NetBeans team.

My name is Morten Bergset, I am from Kristiansand in Norway and am a PHP developer for Profundo.

My favorite development tool is NetBeans IDE, both on Windows and on Mac OSX, it helps me program effectively in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

What are your 5 favorite NetBeans features?

I like many features, including Ctrl and + or - for collapsing and expanding code blocks, support for working with remote files in PHP projects, the Emmet plugin, and the easy access to JavaScript libraries. These and other favorite features will be highlighted in another article. However, my top 5 favorite features are listed below!

1. Comment for Variable Type. If NetBeans IDE cannot determine what the variable is (perhaps in an include file), you can use the @var comment to get code completion from NetBeans IDE. :-)

Read more about this here and here.

2. TODO List. It's easy to forget something that you want to do later, but if you add a TODO comment, it shows up in the "Action Items" window, as shown below.

3. Go to File. Hotkey ALT-SHIFT-O lets you easily navigate to other files in same project, as well as across all other open projects. And, if you select text before you open the dialog popup, it will be pasted into the search field in the Go to File dialog.

4. PSR Support. It`s lovely that NetBeans IDE can help me to be PSR-1 compliant in my PHP coding.

5. Refactoring Tools. An IDE can give you so much more than a simple text editor.

For example, changing variable names is a walk in the park with the NetBeans IDE refactoring tools. The IDE gives you a Diff Preview Window of all the proposed changes, where you can deselect proposals if you do not want something to be changed, and then click "Do Refactoring".

Do you and your colleagues also want to share your team's favorite NetBeans features with the world? Write to netbeans dot webmaster at gmail dot com.


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