NetBeans Dream Team: Our Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

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NetBeans Dream Team: Our Favorite NetBeans IDE Features!

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Continuing a series of articles focusing on NetBeans users and their five favorite NetBeans IDE features, here's the next part, by members the  NetBeans Dream Team, which is the NetBeans community leadership team. -- NetBeans team.

What are your favorite NetBeans features?

Fabrizio Giudici, Italy


For me the favorite feature is precisely Maven integration. The fact I can open a regular Maven project and it just works. No hassles, no specific configuration such as for Eclipse; and everything works as in Maven with the command line.

More on the above can be read here. 

Emilian Bold, Romania

Diff Sidebar

I will mention one small feature I like a lot: the diff sidebar! It allows me to see in the editor the lines that will produce my changeset and I can tidy up the commit straight away.

Andreas Stefik, USA

Java Editor Hints

I have some code:


I never want to look up what it returns, so I press ALT+ENTER and it magically fills out the left hand side of the expression, even if the LHS is complicated. I probably use that feature 50 times a day… So for me... editor hints!

Aristides Villarreal, Panama

Java EE

Support for JavaEE is excellent. Creating Java Server Faces applications via wizards enables the development of enterprise applications to be really fast. You can generate JSF pages from a database or from JPA entity classes:

Or you can generate RESTful web services, if you don't want to work with JSF. In the case of the above wizard, each JPA entity class causes CRUD pages in JSF to be generated by NetBeans IDE, as shown here, everything generated, as a basic starting point for custom applications:

More on the above can be read here. 

Zoran Sevarac, Serbia


For me, it's the Profiler that comes with NetBeans. It allows me to inspect CPU and memory usage, by methods and classes, in great detail, and it is very easy and handy to use.  

More on the above can be read here. 

Also, just like Aristides above, I also like Java EE wizards for generating entity classes and JSF pages.

Kirk Pepperdine, Hungary

Surviving Generation Count

My favorite feature is generational counts in the memory profiler. It makes finding memory leaks trivial!!!

More on the above can be read here. 

The NetBeans Profiler is a great teaching tool also. And it is a great tool for sorting life spans of objects.

Do you and your colleagues also want to share your team's favorite NetBeans features with the world? Write to netbeans dot webmaster at gmail dot com.


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