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5 Innovative Ways to Increase Client Engagement

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5 Innovative Ways to Increase Client Engagement

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We all know how important client engagement is to increasing your brand recognition and building a solid, expansive customer base. No one wants to be advertised to, and we don’t like hard sells, either. However, we do want to solve problems, and we do want information. If you can find ways to really get your audience engaged with your content, you’ll be on your way to more conversions and better sales in no time. Here are 5 tips to get your clients more engaged in interesting and innovative ways.

Get Social

It’s not enough to just have a web presence and/or a social media presence. No, you have to really use these platforms to get any advantage out of them. If you have a company Facebook page, use it to share links to interesting articles and videos, but don’t just assume you know what your audience wants to see.

You may think that you know what your audience wants, and you may even be completely on target. However, when you take the time to ask them what they’d rather see from you in the coming days, weeks, and/or months, you’re showing them that you care about them and that you’re listening to their concerns and interests.

Take Polls and Surveys

By taking polls and surveys of your followers, you open up a dialogue with them, and remember that the keyword in social media is “social”. You want your clients to feel like they have a relationship with you and that they can talk to you at any time.

Remember, though, that you have to keep that dialogue going. Don’t just take a poll and then forget about it. Take your followers’ answers into consideration and respond to their needs and wants as best you can.

Give to Get

You can build a large and loyal customer base when you show that you’re willing to give as well as receive. Whether you’re giving promotional codes for discounts on your products, or you’re giving free advice, this is a great tool to get your customers more engaged with you and your content. You can even give incentives like offering free admission to the first 50 people to sign up for your upcoming – very fairly priced – webinar.

Hold a Webinar

Webinars are a great way to show your expertise in your field in an interactive and innovative way. You’re literally in dialogue with your clients when you choose this live form of teaching, and you can use the footage later for more content marketing for new followers and clients.

Make It All a Game

One of our favorite ways to get clients engaged, though, is through gamification. A lot of people won’t get really engaged with even the most interesting article. However, when you boil the important parts of that article down and make them into a game, you can guarantee a significant increase in engagement.

Quizzes are a great way to engage your clients by engaging their sense of competition and desire for achievement. For example, you could post a quiz like, “Can You Tell the Difference Between Taylor Swift Lyrics and Hitler Quotes?” It’s a funny premise, and your clients will be fully engaged while they answer questions; there’s no skimming through a game or quiz.

Game content also has the ability to go viral, as your clients can choose to share their scores and results with their friends on their favorite social media sites. Before you know it, thousands of people have compared “Mein Kampf” to “We are Never Getting Back Together”, and your brand has gained a significant following.


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