5 Innovative Ways To Develop Chatbots To Jumpstart Your Business

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5 Innovative Ways To Develop Chatbots To Jumpstart Your Business

So, let’s unfold 5 successful ways to raise your brand values by strategizing Chatbots in your business.

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person looking at phoneWith the increasing rivalry of serving the personalized customer experience, everyone seems crazy to play a smarter deal whether using social media, mobile apps, or Chatbots. Well, every way has its own potential use to grab customers and serve them a unique and improved solution. But these days, Chatbot is winning the game with its mind-blowing capabilities as it revolutionized the way enterprises interact with their customer base.

In fact, most of the modern firms from startups to SMBs to large scale are leveraging Chatbots by taking recourse of Chatbot development services just to personalize their customer experience and offer them a timely and anticipated deal. Various major brands are increasing their year by year turnover and accomplishing remarkable results in the business context they deal with.

As per business insider:

The Chatbot market size is projected to grow from $2.6 billion (in 2019) to $9.4 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 29.7%. Moreover, Chatbots can help reduce customer service cost by 30% — IBM

So, let’s unfold 5 successful ways to raise your brand values by strategizing Chatbots in your business:

Scripted/Rule-Based Bots

Scripted or rule-based Chatbots can be a good start for learning centers, financial institutions, and banking hubs where they may be a certain set of questions asked by their users or learners. So, this is such a way where end-users are answered with a pre-defined knowledge base and technical capabilities. These Chatbots are designed to respond merely to specific instructions that are previously coded in the Bot.

AI and NLP Bots

These Chatbots leverage AI and NLP to map the users’ input whether in text, voice, etc. formats and respond to them in the way they understand. These bots are integrated with your existing CRM, database, or application whereby it finds and demonstrates the relevant information asked by the users and respond to them accordingly. To deploy such Chatbot for your enterprise, you can always count on any cutting-edge Chatbot development company.

Social Messaging Bots

These Chatbots are built and integrated with your social media platforms so as your users can interact with your bots, for instance, the way they chat with their friends using social media like Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, and Slack. Social messaging bots make easy for your customers to interact, engage, and avail of your services effortlessly. To know more how it works, there are plenty of Chatbot development service providers or companies to help you with.

Contextual Bots

Context enabled bots or Contextual bots are developed to ensure advanced conversations between users and bots. These bots are equipped with AI and Machine learning emerging technologies and interact with users by keeping the current situation in hand while remembering past conversations of specific users. These Chatbots continuously learn things and apply in the future whenever requires to serve the best of breed solutions to the users/customers.

In the real world, few examples of contextual bots are Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. To implement such bots for your enterprises, you need to outsource bot deployment from one of the most acclaimed Chatbot development service providers.

Voice-Enabled Bots

Leveraging text-to-speech and voice recognition APIs, Voice-enabled bots serve conversational and personalized experience to the users. These Chatbots are built with the caliber to accept users’ queries through voice inputs, answer their queries in voice output, and drives a conversational experience. If we consider real examples of voice-enabled bots, then Siri, Alexa, etc. are the major players.

If you are planning to implement voice-enabled bots, you can opt for custom Chatbot development services from a recognized agency equipped with talented developers.

Summing Up!

In today’s competitive edge where staying competitive and applying competency is essential to drive sustainable growth, Chatbots helps organizations to streamline their working efficiencies, transform the way of interacting customers, and enables strategic ways to accomplish business objectives. The above-demonstrated ways will truly help your business to deploy bot tailored to your business necessities by hiring a capable Chatbot development company.

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