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5 LINQ for JavaScript Libraries

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5 LINQ for JavaScript Libraries

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Below are a few JavaScript Libraries that allow you to query JSON objects with LINQ.

1. LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ)

LINQ to JavaScript is an implementation of LINQ to Objects for JavaScript. It provides developers with the option to query against the JavaScript Arrays.

Learn more about LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) and download it from codeplex

2. JLinq

JLinq is a 100% JavaScript library which allows developers to perform LINQ queries on JSON arrays.

Another interesting feature of JLinq is the extensibility.

Learn more about JLinq and download here

3. Reactive Extensions for Javascript (RxJS)

The RxJS lets you use Rx operators in JavaScript.

Learn more about Rx for Javascript here

4. linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript

LINQ for JavaScript implements close to 90 methods and all .NET 4.0 methods.  It supports Intellisense as well. It comes in 2 versions – one for JavaScript (linq.js) and other for JQuery (jQuery.linq.js).

Learn more about linq.js – LINQ for JavaScript and download from codeplex

5. $Linq

$linq is a Javascript version of .NET’s LINQ to Objects and it implements most of the corresponding .NET LINQ to Objects methods like select, select many, where, order by, distinct, group by, join, except etc.

Learn more about $Linq and download from Codeplex

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