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5 Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

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5 Mobile Apps To Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

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The phenomenal rise of social media is testimony to the fact that everybody wants to connect to somebody else and use the awesome power of the Internet to do so. So whether it is an individual posting photographs of his latest holiday or a business owner using his social media account or page to foster brand recall, marketing via social networking is here to stay. So let us focus on the business owners for now.

The power of social media marketing is relevant, immediate and massive. It is a rather easy way for any business owner, regardless of the size of business he runs, to stay in meaningful contact with his customer.

It therefore, makes perfect sense to use all available business and technology tools to enhance social media marketing. One of the easiest tools to use in this domain is mobile applications. The convenience and portability, if one can call it that, of mobile applications means that you can manage your social media presence 24 x 7. In a world that never sleeps as far as global customer base is concerned this “ever connected” business activity can make a critical difference to anybody.

Google Currents

Check out the power of this mobile application called Google Currents. At some point of time or the other one may run out of ideas about the kind of content you should be posting on your social media site. This brain freeze can be cured with the help of Google Currents.


Opening a Twitter account may be easier said than done but managing a large number of Twitter accounts can get pretty complex. Not to worry! Plume is a mobile application that will help you become a master juggler of your Twitter experiences.


For sheer beauty and innovativeness you must use the mobile application called Flipboard. Imagine being able to navigate through every bit of news, celebrity happenings and sports events or any other content that interests you. Now imagine being able to do so by flipping up the pages of such content! This is exactly what Flipboard promises you. You can connect virtually every social media site that you are on and use the content generated by this application to add marvellous zing to your accounts.

Buffer App

Buffer App allows you to share various kinds of content to social networks. Right now, you can link three social networking sites under the scheme of a free account. And yes, you can see what is working and what is detracting from your social media presence with the help of its analysis capability

Facebook application

Finally, perhaps no list of mobile applications connected to social media marketing will be complete without an addition of something related to Facebook! Yes, there is indeed a Facebook application that makes it easy and interesting to see what is happening on your Facebook account from your mobile phone. You can choose content, deploy analytics to see what is happening on your pages and sort through information such as uploaded pictures, status updates and links being shared as well. With the help of all these applications, managing and more importantly improving social media marketing is a breeze indeed!


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