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5 Obstacles to Employee Engagement and How to Overcome Them

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5 Obstacles to Employee Engagement and How to Overcome Them

Only 28% of employees are highly engaged. Here are 5 obstacles holding your employees back, and 5 things you can do about it.

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Only 28% of employees are highly engaged with executives being the most highly engaged and those being employed at small companies being the most highly engaged employees.

The top five obstacles to improving employee engagement: 

  1. Lack of a clear employee engagement strategy.
  2. Inconsistent buy-in among middle managers who may, themselves, not be engaged.
  3. No clear owner leading the effort.
  4. Limited funding to support employee engagement efforts.
  5. Senior management has not identified employee engagement as a priority.

Given the focus on sales and monthly/quarterly earnings, it's not a big surprise that neither employees nor customer engagement is a high priority for many companies.

They do not see the correlation between engaged employees and engaged customers and the long-term benefits satisfied customers can provide the firm relative to new prospects.

The five "I's" of employee engagement:

  1. Inform — provide employees with the information they need to understand what is expected of them.
  2. Inspire — connect employees to the company's vision and mission.
  3. Interact — support employees with training, coaching, and feedback. Understand what drives your employees. Hint, it will vary by individual.
  4. Involve — take action with employees to improve processes and solve problems. Your customer-facing employees have a good idea of where your products and services are, and are not, meeting your customers' needs and expectations.
  5. Incent — deploy appropriate systems to measure, reward and reinforce desired behaviors. Do you really want to reduce the time a CSR spends on the phone with a customer if spending more time will result in greater customer satisfaction?

Is your organization taking any steps to enhance employee engagement?

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