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5 Pitfalls for New Android Developers

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Doron Zehavi released an Android app on the Play Store, and in the process, he learned a few things. Five things, if we're getting specific. According to Zehavi, these aren't lessons so much as mistakes he made in the development and publishing process:

  • Limiting the audience of the app with a pay-wall
  • Creating multiple versions of the app
  • Poorly timing the release
  • Using less-than-ideal branding
  • Not dogfooding

Zehavi goes into detail on each mistake, explaining what he did wrong and, when possible, how he fixed it. For example, he gives examples of his original icon, and an upgraded icon once he realize the faults in the first one; the difference is clear. 

If you're coming up on your first Android release, then, you may want to take a look. Even if it can't help you make your app great, it can keep you from limiting yourself unnecessarily:

This short list is certainly not exhaustive but will serve as good advice to new Android App developers who would like to get the most out of their newly released app.

Check out the full list on Zehavi's blog for all the details.

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