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5 Reasons to Meet Outsoft at Cloud World Forum 2015

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5 Reasons to Meet Outsoft at Cloud World Forum 2015

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In the world of digitally mobile work and Skype meetings, discussing anything face-to-face might seem antiquated. Remote communication does have its benefits, yet even though Outsoft is in the IT business we do think there is business value in having real conversations, in real time and in real space.

There are 16 streams of content at the conference itself, each offering a unique perspective. However, why listen to a lecture when you can have an interactive discussion about topics that are unique to your business, your industry and your technology infrastructure? Specifically, we hope our insight on DevOps, Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise Apps and IoT will be most helpful.

1. Learn How Companies Integrate the DevOps Standards

Almost every IT-focused business is aiming to foster better collaboration between development and operations using DevOps. After all, speeding up the release cycles and cutting down time from development to market is a clear win-win proposition of DevOps.

However, DevOps implementation is not without its challenges to the existing work dynamic, requiring collaboration changes that vary based on the nature of the teams and the business involved. Here, Outsoft staff are experienced with approaches of a number of companies that have worked well and those that didn’t. Speaking with Outsoft can help your organization prepare to reap the potential of high-velocity DevOps culture – without repeating the common mistakes made elsewhere.

2. Compare Practical Cloud Options

If your company one of the Cloud cautious bunch? Over half of IT companies report that a significant part of their existing application portfolios are not deployed in the cloud, although built with cloud-friendly architecture.

For many companies, cloud infrastructure adoption often follows the continuous integration and delivery and release cycles typical to DevOps environment. Therefore, the more Agile a company is, the more likely it is to be a sophisticated user of the cloud. Learn from our experience (and compare it with that of other attendees) of leveraging multiple cloud environments that combine both public and private cloud options, while ensuring governance and control over costs.

3. Explore the Latest SaaS Models

Software products are trending towards a freemium model, meaning ISVs must prepare for unusually large user bases of non-paying users and earn revenue for premium services. The shift of B2B marketplaces to a business model inspired by B2C commerce, based on lead generation and e-commerce sales means that affordable software is set to replace outdated tools. We invite you to explore the latest software business models whether you work at an ISV or at an enterprise which is a user of packaged software products.

4. Make Apps That Work for the Enterprise

Apps can no longer be seen as a fad: they are here to stay, as employee expectations shift to hyper-focused custom purpose programs that allow them to fully complete a transaction and are accessible from a multitude of devices. Apps must not only combine information from separate data sources, they must allow users to fully complete a useful process.

For example, most employees don’t want to just look up customer information; they want to find a customer record, check recommended services, access service advantages, place an order and provide the customer a summary of that transaction. For expertise on how businesses can benefit from mobile-first enterprise workflow solutions (with no or almost no web/desktop version) to process continuous business processes and workflows, feel free to reach out to Outsoft for the latest in enterprise app development.

5. Secure and Standardized IoT Platforms

The Internet of things used to be mainly a consumer issue, but the connected objects have the potential to drive productivity in the connected enterprise world. The IoT ecosystem is still in its fast growth stage, but as it matures, reliable platforms will compete for customers and accelerate the development of innovations.

The team at Outsoft can help with the selection and integration of secure and versatile IoT platform that will help your company distil meaningful conclusions from real-time raw data and elaborate non-trivial processes from it.

Meet Outsoft at Cloud World Forum 2015

In 2015 Cloud World Forum runs on June 24th and 25th in London, UK and is free to attend for those who register (you can sign up here).

Feel free to reach out to our own Michael Cheshire (michael@outsoft.com) and Lana Shumyn (lana@outsoft.com) who will be attending the expo. Let us connect you with the technology experts you need today!

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