5 Reasons to Use Gantt Chart Excel for Project Management and Other Tasks

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5 Reasons to Use Gantt Chart Excel for Project Management and Other Tasks

If you've ever needed a reason to use Gantt charts, we'll give you five.

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Project management has always been one of the toughest challenges for organizations. Companies employ different tactics including buying tools specific to project management to ensure that it goes smoothly, There are many challenges including proper data management, team collaboration and so on!

However, a Gantt chart is one tool that can help with project management.

Gantt chart is a data representation method by which data can be pictured. This gives the managers the ability to understand the data clearly. As a user, your job is to make things easier for you and Gantt Chart enables you to do so.

So, what are the reasons behind using the Gantt Chart? Let’s take a look at them below.

5 Reasons to Use Gantt Chart Excel for Project Management & Other Tasks

1. Manage Complex Information Better

Managing a project is all about able to handle information better. You as a manager should be able to track critical information regarding your team, time and the relation of the task to the project. With Gantt charts, you can do all of this and more using horizontal lines.

Each line is color coded to convey specific information, i.e., the department or the person handling the project.

The purpose of the colors is not to make it look cool, but to make it useful for the manager. With clear coded information, the manager can easily distinguish information and act using it.

You can get started by downloading a Gantt chart template like Gantt Chart Excel.

2. Improved Productivity

As Gantt chart is shared among team members, it can improve productivity to new levels. Each task is assigned and listed in the Gantt chart. On top of that, the information is public which makes team members accountable for their work.

The work completed can be shown in percentage. Moreover, additional information is shown when the task is highlighted. 

3. Better Resource Planning

Improved resource planning can also be managed thanks to how timelines work in Gantt chart. It enables project managers to utilize resources across multiple projects properly. This gives organizations to reach heights as they can manage teams effectively and understand the capacity at which they can run their operations.

4. Easy Communication

Communications play a crucial role in project success. The good news is that Gantt chart offers better communication than most of the other project management tools out there. As it provides information in a clear way, everyone stays on the same page. The deadlines and tasks are set clearly, and everyone knows what needs to be delivered to make the project successful.

5. Cost Reduction

Another reason you should use the Gantt chart is to reduce cost. Yes, you read it right. It helps you to identify resources that can be diverted or cut off. As it optimizes the flow of the project, manage resource better, and help reduce the cost to the market — the overall cost of the project is reduced.


A Gantt chart is one of the advanced tools that you can use to manage your project. To make sure get the best out of the tool, I recommend you to learn the tool effectively before using it in a big project. This will help you make the best use of it.

So, what do you think about the tool? Are you going to use it for your future projects and other tasks? Comment below to share your opinion with the readers.

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