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5 Remarkably Useful ASP.NET Add-Ons You Should Consider

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5 Remarkably Useful ASP.NET Add-Ons You Should Consider

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If you want to build enterprise-level web applications with minimal coding efforts, then ASP.NET best fit your needs. It's a unified web application development model developed by Microsoft that helps in coding your apps in different language compatible with the Common Language Runtime (CLR) like C#, .Net, Visual Basic and other languages. 
What's more? ASP.NET helps in building websites and web applications compatible with diverse range of mobile devices and browsers. Custom and premium add-ons are some noteworthy options of ASP.NET, which help developers to extend their ASP Dotnet projects in the most efficient manner possible. Let us now have a look at some of the remarkably useful add-ons collection of ASP.NET you should be aware of.
ASP.Net Default Button Fix
This is a small yet highly effective plugin that helps to fix the ‘DefaultButton’ property issue of an ASP.Net Panel. This issue generally takes place when the 'DefaultButton' is used with a 'LinkButton'. According to this issue, your DefaultButton property won't work in FireFox in a correct manner. In case, you are having trouble because of this issue and can't implement the ASP.Net Default Button Fix into your site, then you should choose to  Hire ASP.NET Developer for your project needs. 

ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application template

Do you wish to put up a good-looking website in minutes? Well, then ASP .NET MVC 3 Web Application template best fit your needs. This template comes in 24 different layouts, which can be used for developing web development solutions for any purpose. Additionally, it comes with a set of helpers that enables users to build containers like menus, buttons, article etc. But, in case you are having trouble with template installation or any other issue regarding the template, it is recommended that you should take up ASP.NET Development Services that help you come up with a custom template – tailored to meet your site needs. 

Member Role Admin Tool 

Are you tired of creating members for your MVC3 applications repetitively? Then Member Role Admin Tool best suit your needs, as it helps in managing all your application members from the same place. Besides, it comes loaded with many options that enable you to customize the sign-up as well as sign-in process. The best aspect about this add-on is that it keeps your apps protected from attacks. Wondering how? Well, it helps to add just one attribute on a class along with a role definition, so that only authenticated members can use the app. 

Customer Support Request and Feedback Forms

With this add-on, you can create customer support request and feedback forms and add them to the existing ASP.NET page easily, by simply dragging and dropping the forms. This add-on is compatible with ASP.NET version 2.0  and higher up to version 4.0. It comes loaded with data validation and email verification features. 

Asp.Net PayPal

As the name suggests, the Asp.Net PayPal add-on helps to integrate “PayPal” payment system in your ASP.NET powered website. This add-on is quite easy to integrate and extend without much hassle. It comprises of files that acts as a guide to enable users to use any e-commerce system or any other payment system. 

To conclude, if you want to develop a site or web applications using ASP.NET technology, then using the aforementioned list of add-ons help you extend the functionality of your current ASP.NET powered site. 

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