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5 Simple Adjustments That Will Sky Rocket Your Productivity

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5 Simple Adjustments That Will Sky Rocket Your Productivity

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5 Simple Adjustments That Will Sky Rocket Your Productivity

We all want to accomplish more with less work. Complexity, although great for innovations and critical thinking, can also be harmful for everyday exercises. Clear thinking has a high correlation to a person’s physical environment, which could have a positive or negative contribution to productivity. Studies have shown that people with great organizational skills often are great compartmentalizing individuals with simplistic mindsets. If you want to boost workplace productivity you should continue reading the list provided below. These simple adjustments make all the difference.

Clean Up the Messy Office Space 

Clutter has a direct correlation to inefficient thinking patterns. In addition, messy office spaces require multiple thought patterns to accomplish simple tasks that should be unconscious responses.

For example, if you need to answer the phone or make a phone call, but you have paper and sticky notes blanketing your device, the process becomes prolonged. You must first assess the problem, clear the debris, and then continue with your designated task. Clean spaces clear the mind from past and future responsibilities and thoughts, allowing a worker to concentrate on the present controllable factors of a job.

Quiet Places

Workplace studies have shown that noisy distractions are one of the worst productivity cripplers in the business world today. The mind must focus on a task fully in order to tap into critical thinking skills and analytical development, but when noisy distractions occur, thought patterns are disrupted. If you’ve ever studied for a test and found yourself lifting your head to see what the conversation at the table across from you was about than you’ve experienced what many people fall victim to every day. Upon returning to your studies you realize that you have forgotten where you left off and must restart your thought process all over again. Finding quiet places at work is essential if you plan on actually accomplishing a task involving intense concentration.

Office Gossip and Meetings

Being social is actually bad for business. Studies from various business schools and life-hacking entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss have shown that social congregations such as team meetings, gossip, and casual conversation – although it’s great for personal satisfaction, well-being, and networking – is bad for work efficiency. Being social actually takes a part of the brain to process emotions and articulate sentences, which may take away from potential analytical abilities or critical thinking skills. In addition, multiple opinions and distractions of individuals within a group could cause a project to become prolonged or less effective. Sometimes less is more when it comes to meetings and productivity.

Motivation and Incentives

Everyone wants something, whether that something is money, social success, or purpose. Tapping into the proper incentives of an individual has proven to increase workplace productiveness. Many people start off as motivated individuals, wanting to prove themselves through hard-work, extra hours, and good results. But after about six months of negligence and poor pay, people will lose their motivation to succeed. This is a death kiss for a company long-term, as well as an employee looking to move up in the world. Motivation is a key to productivity within your workforce.

Technology, Applications, and Productive Tools

Living in a digital world has its perks – one of those perks is the ability to accomplish more with less. If you’re able to store data, streamline processes, and connect with customers and business partners efficiently than you’re able to concentrate on more important tasks.

Companies like FindAFax.com offer email faxing opportunities for companies, who are able to sign and approve documents and share them across multiple platforms without having to scan and print. That savings alone can help with the productivity of employees. In addition, there are various data storage clients and document sharing clients such as Dropbox.com and Google online services that allow teams to communicate across multiple platforms. If you’re interested in efficiency, technology will help you save hundreds of hours a year on unnecessary workplace tasks.

This article was written by Matthew Hall. While some may say Matthew is borderline OCD, he prefers to think of himself as an organization guru who can streamline just about any process. He enjoys sharing his simple life hacks with others in hopes to make everyone's lives just a little bit easier. You can read more of his tips by visiting his Google+.


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