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5 Success Stories That Will Make You Believe in Custom Software

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5 Success Stories That Will Make You Believe in Custom Software

Custom software, though more expensive than off-the-shelf alternatives, provides companies exactly what they need for their business.

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What makes companies order custom software development despite it may cost them a fortune? Properly designed and developed, custom software becomes an optimal solution to the customer’s business challenge, providing them with useful features only. What is more, custom software allows flexibility to introduce any changes required. This way it is possible to rebuild the existing solution to make it correspond to updated requirements. As a result, a business opting for custom software gains a competitive advantage over their rivals sticking to off-the-shelf solutions with their rigid and limited functionality. Let’s look at several custom software examples to understand the benefits brought by custom software.

To keep pace with the Automation age, businesses strive to apply automation technologies to increase the efficiency of their processes and conduct them without human assistance. Consider the following projects based on the automation technologies.

Automated Diagnostics of Led Display Quality

The first project is a desktop application for real-time monitoring of LED display condition via on-site USB/IP cameras connected to a web server.

The solution is based on image analysis algorithms. The software analyzes images of LED displays captured by video cameras, detects problems and reports them. The application receives images from the web server in real time and sends the responses back in the same way. The client side of the application receives the responses and alerts an operator if the system has detected a problem.

The application can spot defects of 3 types: 1) a panel has frozen, 2) a panel is switched off, 3) a panel displays colors incorrectly. A voting system excluding impossible combinations (for example, a panel switched off but not frozen) helps reduce the number of false positives/negatives in defect reports.

The image analysis software contributed to a comprehensive diagnostics of the LED display performance. The rich and robust functionality of the system was impossible to achieve without custom software development.

Automation of Cancer Drug & Tpn Order and Manufacturing

The project is based on the solution for ordering and manufacturing of cancer drugs and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) for hospitals and clinics that required modernization to increase its reliability, scalability, and decrease maintenance costs.

The new software aligns the former solution’s two separate modules for dispensing pharmacy and TPN and enables their automated update. Besides, the solution has new features such as data maintenance, production, stock control, invoicing and reporting. Now, drugs can be ordered through the system, which is handier than ordering by fax or phone as the former solution’s users used to do. 

Thus, the developed system allows medical institutions to request manufacturing and delivery of medicines from the factory closest to their location. Besides, the solution can be easily modified to change the existing features and add new ones.  

It’s hard to argue with the fact that mobile technologies are on the rise nowadays. The following examples indicate how custom software development helps businesses in the mobile sector effectively solve their problems and even get awards.

Mobile Number Portability System

A Mobile Number Portability system automates telecom operators’ effort in switching their users to another telecom operator preserving their telephone numbers. The urgent necessity in this solution was caused by the EU’s directive aimed at leveling the competition among telecom operators and thus helping users benefit from this competition.

The system has a centralized database for telecom operators to easily exchange user information. Besides, the solution is integrated with the billing system. Thus, the developed system has all the required functionality to fully comply with the directive provisions.

Award-winning Mobile Banking Application

Another project example is a feature-rich mobile banking application that can operate on iOS/Android devices.

The solution allows users to perform a wide range of financial operations: check balance, credit/deposit their accounts, transfer money and carry out online payments. What distinguishes this application is that it leverages the capabilities of mobile devices, providing for GPS-navigation to find the nearest service point and push notifications to inform the users about their credit card transactions if they are connected to the internet. The application is integrated with SMS-banking in case of an internet connection failure. Besides, it has easy-to-use feedback forms for users to request a ‘call-me-back’ from their bank and ensures proper security protection of the users’ data.

The solution’s slick user interface, intuitive navigation elements, and configurable dashboards allowed it to join the list of the most successful custom software examples getting a silver title ‘Android Mobile App – 2014’ and 2 golden awards: ‘Best Mobile Banking for iOS – 2015’ and ‘Best Mobile Banking for Android – 2015’.

In today’s retail business, having custom software can be a critical factor to achieve organized and efficient operation and increase profitability. Our last example proves it.

Supply Chain E-Collaboration Platform

This e-collaboration platform was required to facilitate cooperation between buyers and vendors in retail.

The solution integrates SKU database to classify products by category, manufacturers, prices, quantity and other characteristics. Its users have role-based user accounts. Besides, issuing and tracking of purchase orders is carried out automatically.

The platform ensures full-scale supply chain visibility and control, as well as ongoing stock monitoring to minimize out-of-stock levels. The 24/7 access to the platform both for buyers and vendors allows timely update of the necessary data regardless of the user’s location. Thus, the delivered custom software contributed to high user buy-ins and minimized the possibility of human errors in handling critical data.

Summing Up

These illustrative custom software examples clear up why companies often prefer custom software development to acquiring off-the-shelf solutions despite its relatively higher cost. While various software packages may address many project goals, they usually do not thoroughly satisfy all the customer’s requirements. Ordering custom software, a company gets a unique product, catering to their specific needs and focused on the required features. Developers provide technical support and maintenance for a custom solution they delivered and so won’t leave the customer with their software problems alone. If necessary, a customer is free to commission the specialists to add new, change or remove the existing product features.

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  

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