5 Tools to Develop Better iOS Apps

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5 Tools to Develop Better iOS Apps

There are lots of importance in the chosen tools, be it for android or iOS app development. This article has a list of tools that will help you to develop better iOS apps.

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For small scale developers, being distinct is the key to improve recognition. The difference in the procedures and resources used during development contributes heavily to the desired results. So, there are lots of importance in the chosen tools, be it for android or iOS app development. This article has a list of tools that will help you to develop better iOS apps.

Design Tools

Designing is an important phase during iOS app development. iOS apps are known for its user experience. So, they are generally designed putting great care and effort.

Some tools that help developers for this include the ones below:

  • Cocoa Controls: Cocoa Controls is a place where you can get a huge collection of regularly updated codes that abide by Apple's design philosophy to use in your iOS apps.
  • Mocks: This tool creates easy visual mock-ups and comes to your advantage when you need to get an idea about how your app should look like.
  • Glyphish: Glyphish offers high-quality, ready-made icons for you. Try and decide what suits your app best without going through the trouble of designing it yourself.

Backend Service Tools

Such tools provide easy solutions to incorporate additional functionalities in your app such as Apple Passbook integration and cloud storage.

Here are some of them:

  • Helios: In-app purchases and push notification, support can be made smoother with Helios, an open-source framework for iOS backend services.
  • Firebase: Firebase provides data storage and hosting services among many others. Data, stored as JSON, sync with clients in real-time. It also provides user authentication for social media.


Third-party libraries are used by all developers to save time and reduce cost.

Some libraries that can be valuable include:

  • JSONModel: Model classes having a JSON communication with the server can be parsed and initialized with the help of this open-source tool.
  • AFNetworking: As the name suggests, this is an essential library to help you with hassle-free and fast networking.

Testing Tools

As with other platforms, testing is a crucial and unavoidable step in  iOS app development, yet the most sidetracked.

One reason is failure to utilize great testing tools like the ones given below:

  • Kiwi: Kiwi is used to perform Rspec-style testing. It also has an built-in stubbing and mocking library.
  • TestFairy: TestFairy is a beta testing tool for iOS apps. It can record running test case videos and provide detailed CPU and memory usage reports. Other features include automatic NSLogs creation, easy usage feedback sharing, etc.

Deployment tool

These are tools that help with proper app deployment for the iOS platform.

  • AppBlade: AppBlade is a cross-platform app deployment tool, that comes with an automation solution. For example, it can perform actions such as automatical collection of UDID information.
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