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5 Tools to Measure ROI from Mobile Marketing

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5 Tools to Measure ROI from Mobile Marketing

For better user engagement, along with a responsive web design, adopting hacks to make valuable web content faster are providing the best results. Check out the best tools to use for measuring ROI for mobile marketing.

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Mobile phones have become the single most personal belonging of a human being. Nowadays, most browsing activity is done via mobile devices. Businesses are exploiting this revamped user behavior to push their marketing campaigns, for lead generation and better conversion. For better user engagement, along with a responsive web design, adopting hacks to make valuable web content faster are providing the best results.

Here are the top tools to measure ROI from mobile marketing: 


For iOS, Android, Windows, and Unity.

  • Swrve advertises itself to be the marketing solution for the mobile world. 
  • It comprises of a complete suite of mobile marketing tools ranging from A/B testing, real-time metrics Integrated data from multiple sources and much more. 
  • It provides A/B testing of native app content and in-app messages to quantify the customer retention. 
  • It gives a near real-time analytics of KPIs down to the individual user level, including sales funnel, cohort analysis, and sophisticated segmentation. 
  • It is one of the few systems which notifies about receipt verification to give true and accurate view of revenue metrics.


For iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Roku, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Titanium, and Unity.

  • It is a business intelligence tool that provides an integrated analytics and marketing platform for desktop and mobile application. 
  • One of the most important features of this tool is that it reduces your bounce rates by predictive intelligence based on data analytics, automated marketing campaigns, tailored push notifications and in-app messages.
  • Its Analytics is not limited to the rise in conversion but gives the impact on retention with a full Life Time Value (LTV) view. 
  • It provides deep links, trigger notifications, personalized messages with custom creative to increase your mobile ROI.


For iOS/Swift, Android, Unity, Xamarian, Ruby, and other Segment systems.

  • It is a fully integrated web and analytics tool to act as a complete mobile marketing suite.
  • It enables companies to dive into data analytics and access the behavioral layer to drive retention, engagement, and conversion. It shows you much more than the “vanity metrics” to improve your product and services. 
  • It provides neat customer segmentation by properties like location, referral source, engagement behavior etc to easily compare users in funnels, revenue generation, retention and much more. 
  • It shows funnel conversion rates over time with data about user drop off points. With Microscope, you can gauge at the reason for drop-off and fix it for re-engagement.


For iOS, Android, Unity, Adobe Air.

  • It is a one-stop solution for mobile marketing and measuring ROI.
  • It delivers mobile engagement data, from messaging, in-app experience, push notifications designed for intelligent actions.
  • It provides complete message channel support including emails, newsfeeds, alerts, in-app messages and other channels through webhooks
  • Apart from the basic user data about engagement and demographics it also reviews developer activities to track your SDK and troubleshoot event instrumentation.
  • In its lifecycle campaigns, you can group multiple messages into an aggregate analytics about entry and exit from the campaign with a variety of other metrics.

Google Analytics for mobile

For Android, iOS, Unity, HTTPs.

  • No list is complete without featuring the name of this Internet giant. Surprisingly, analytics for mobile was not available until the beta version in 2014.
  • It is a very powerful tool which keeps track of your desktop website, mobile website, apps and even the different localized domains. 
  • The highly detailed analysis can be broken down into simpler segments to review the ROI based on the source of traffic. 
  • It has a separate dashboard for app analytics where user behavior and functioning of the app can be measured. 
  • Integrating it with Adwords, give marketers further data about the PPC campaigns, conversions, goals etc from a device point of view.

More and more users are gradually migrating to a mobile only landscape. Design a customized campaign to cater to a mobile user base and a tailored website to reduce your site’s bounce rates. While the marketers are still reviewing archaic data about desktop user engagement and ROI, but the system calls for customer segmentation based on the device. As they say, what gets measured, gets improved. Use the above-mentioned tools to distinguish your ROI and improve conversions.

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