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5 top gamification articles this week

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5 top gamification articles this week

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Nowadays, a growing number of companies encounter the serious challenge of designing the best training program that will lead to employee engagement and improve the bottom line. Businesses also search for fresh and innovative ways to motivate their employees to learn and master crucial skills. [Read more…]

2014 Forecast: Gamification and the Year Ahead in Banking

by Jonathan Camhi, published on Bank Systems & Technology

Few banks, particularly in the U.S., have begun using gamification in their digital interactions with customers, but globally the concept is gaining ground, according to a study on innovation and gamification in banking by Infosys . The study surveyed 160 banks around the world, and while only 9% of them had implemented some form of gamification, another 35% said they have plans in the next two years to adopt gamification. [Read more…]

Increased Productivity – The Real Reason for Introducing Gamification

published on The HR Director

Gamification sounds like the latest fad, maybe even a lot of hype with not much substance behind it. However, with the so called ‘Facebook generation’ joining the workforce, gamified processes could be an important element of reward and recognition initiatives in the office. Neil Penny, Product Director at Sunrise Software explains how motivating staff using the latest gamification techniques will boost productivity and ultimately improve customer service. [Read more…]

Three Key Rules of Gamification of the Workplace

by Jason Corsello, published on Venture Beat

Gaming in the workplace seems counterintuitive. After all, the goal for most employers is to limit time spent playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga at the office, right? Not necessarily. Fun and games at the office may be a key element to the future of work. [Read more…]

How Gamification is Reshaping Businesses

by Doug Palmer, Steve Lunceford and Aaron J. Patton, published on Deloitte

Wayne Lin points at the onscreen scoreboard for his new application that allows friends to compare and discuss their household electricity use. “Energy consumption is not something people usually talk about,” he says. [Read more…]


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