Five Ways Big Data Will Shape Internet Marketing in 2016

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Five Ways Big Data Will Shape Internet Marketing in 2016

Learn about the rise of big data and its current and projected influence on Internet marking by blending statistical analysis with psychology.

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The digital age of "Always On" is here, and there's really no denying it. In the UK in particular, the world's highest broadband penetration can be found. By the end of 2014, up to 75 percent of the population was connected to the internet constantly on at least one device. There was once a lot of talk about consumers that were based online and then those who were exclusively offline. Now, it's more a matter of them either being awake or asleep. Those awake are incredibly likely to be online in some form or another.

Moving forward, we will likely have more and more devices on our person assisting us in various ways. Wherever we're headed and whatever we're doing, we'll have ready access to assistance and guidance right in the palms of our hands. Of course, there's plenty of that going on even now. All of those daily used machines, platforms, and software will essentially leave a trail for the likes of digital marketing and research agencies to pick up on and take advantage of.

There is legitimate and actionable data going around regarding exactly who people are and how they behave online. Whatever they're searching for, where they're going, and even how they're interacting with and talking about brands can be tracked in various ways. This sort of data is collected all over the world at a dauntingly fast pace, leading to the increasingly popular "big data" phrase.

With big data, there is a palpable change occurring in the marketing industry. Marketers can now combine basic human psychology with insight on common behavior to create communication platforms and messages that engage consumers on a level they can better relate to. At the time, it's believed that big data will cause a marketing industry revolution in the following ways.

Large, cutting edge marketing conferences such as UnGagged cover these sorts of changes in depth. With speakers galore, covering the subject and others, you’re sure to gain insight into using big data to improve your marketing and grow your business.

Thorough Consumer Understanding

Big data grants access to substantial information regarding habitual behavior. When blended with psychological understanding of the consumer, brands can develop better and more insightful relationships with their target audiences.

Real Time Analysis

Digital marketing is being innovated in a variety of ways. These include a greater speed in which ideas, functionality, and platforms can be tested. The likes of social media and digital monitoring tools are granting more thorough monitoring of consumer reactions completely in real time.

Hard Metric Focused Marketing

In the days of old, tracking for brands was the best way to measure how well a brand was performing. Now and moving forward, it's going to be more about quantitative and qualitative insight generated based on the effectiveness of marketing strategies. Companies marketing apps need to be particularly focused on metrics. They need to see how users respond to various app features and understand the demographics that are most likely to download them. This helps them improve the effectiveness of their app advertising campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Instagram introduced the Explore Page and the Search Function recently, making it a lot easier for users to share content of common interest.

Both pages are provided via simple user tagging and excellent interfaces. The fact that the tagging on the platform is so effective means that a lot of crowd sourced info can be compiled and utilised. This in turn means that people that use Instagram can benefit a lot from the other millions that tag using the platform.

In turn, it showcases how big data and a simple tool can be utilised to create something of huge value. This has allowed them to grow their Instagram following and is something many enterprises are using to get the most value from the info they garner for their operations.

Predictive Analytics

Being able to predict the outcome of a particular event is one of the cornerstones of intelligence. Predictive analytics allows dramatically more efficient marketing. Existing consumer patterns can be used to determine how they will behave and interact with brands in the future, allowing for precise marketing strategies.

The Tech Savvy Will Inherit The Earth

There's a lot of talk about those that are left brained and those that are right brained. When it comes to digital marketing however, there's going to be a great increase in the need for hiring those with a combination of high numeracy and creativity, and these are the people that will be leading the charge moving forward. Big data is going to change marketing forever, and with it, the entire world.

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