5 Ways Freelancing Gives You Control Over Your Career

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5 Ways Freelancing Gives You Control Over Your Career

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Do you hate your 9-5 job? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. According to a Gallup survey, 70 percent of Americans don’t feel engaged at work.

What if you could break away from your job, work for yourself, and control your own career? The great news is that you can build a successful career on your own working as a freelance consultant in a number of fields, from writing and advertising to accounting and counseling.

Not sure if you’re up for it? Consider these benefits of working as a freelance consultant and how this option can give you control over your career.

1.You Create Your Own Hours

As a freelance consultant, you never have to worry about punching in for work again. Instead, you get to set your own office hours, make your own appointments, and take vacation time when you want.

Susannah Breslin conducted a survey of freelancers, and in her Forbes article, “You Are All Alone: The Best and Worst Things About Freelancing” she reports that “freelancers love that they get to make their own schedule — one that works for them.”

Need to pick your children up from school early? You don’t have to struggle to get off work. Want to put in overtime to make more money? No one is going to stop you from taking on new clients.

  1. You Set Your Own Rates

Do you ever feel like you’re getting paid unfairly? With 76 percent of Americans living pay-check to pay-check, few people are making a decent living. As a private consultant, you can set rates based on what you think you’re worth and what you believe you can live off of.

Plus, you can choose how to charge your clients. Break free of the per-hour business and charge per project. Since you’ll probably be working from home and telecommuting, you’ll see higher productivity levels and be able to complete more work in the same amount of time, which can translate into making more money.

3.You Decide Who to Work With

In the corporate world, it’s common to end up on a team with colleagues you can’t stand or to work with clients who annoy you, but in a freelancing career, you have complete control over who you work with. Does your client make you want to rip your hair out? Drop them.

The great thing about freelancing with different clients is that even if you lose one client, you’ll still have other clients to work for whereas in the corporate world, if you lose your job, that’s it. Freelancing can actually help with your job security for this reason, says Linda Formichelli, a successful freelance writer.

4.You Choose Your Own Software

Sick and tired of the company constantly updating their software just when you think you’ve got the hang of it? When running your own business, you can save time and avoid headaches by choosing the software and platforms you love. For instance, when seeking clients, you can stick to job-hunting sites that are efficient and familiar such as:

5.You Move Up When You Think You’re Ready

As a freelance consultant, you don’t have to sit around busting your butt and waiting for someone to notice. There are no ceilings and no office politics involved when you work for yourself. Want a raise? No problem. Want to break into a new market, add a job title to your name, or start working for people who matter? The barriers are minimal when you work for yourself.

Are you ready to break away from the 9-5 madness and step into a career you have control over? Look into becoming a freelancer and working for yourself.


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