5 Ways to Attract Customers with Your Mobile App

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5 Ways to Attract Customers with Your Mobile App

This article covers the top ways to get customer addicted to your mobile app.

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Before your cup of coffee in the morning, you’ve likely opened between one and fifteen mobiles apps to start your day. Mobile apps have become part of the world in a big way. According to Mobile Analytics firm Flurry, mobile use grew 58% year over year. On the other hand, recent data showed that 90% of apps are deleted after just one use. That means only one tenth of installed apps have a chance to stay on your smartphone for more than a few minutes.

That means that it’s important for you to make sure your app has enough elements that keep user engaged and busy with your mobile app. Here are the top ways to get customer addicted to your mobile app.

Attractive User Interface

User interface is the first thing users see when they download your app. If you have a simple and sleek design, then users will keep coming back. An app that is well structured will help users use and navigate app quickly, it will also make a lasting impression on the user.

Mobile app users are notoriously impatient, and if your app requires more attention than they’re willing to give, you could be in trouble. A good example will be popular dating app Tinder. One of the reasons behind its popularity is ease of use and simple user interface.

Customer Loyalty Program

Make customers offers that they can’t refuse. Whether you offer free coffee as a part of rewards program (Starbucks), or give reward points when they refer a friend (Amazon), there will be no end to the customers when you show them you care. Particularly in the case of physical stores, the more friends you get on the board, the more influential the marketing will be.

App-Specific Discounts

Everyone loves low prices. E-commerce sites like eBay offer special discounts if you purchase through their mobile app. You can use this strategy so that users keep coming back to your app to see if you have any special offers or discount. You can take advantage of push notifications if you launch any new offer on app to let users know about fast.


This is the psychology of all humans: if they have achieved something, the social media shares flows like wine. Develop your app in such a way that it gives the satisfaction of achievement or progress. This will really help your app to become addictive among the users. Whether it be leveling up like in video games, or stacked rewards like mobile games, the more entertained they are the more often they’ll come back.


Gamification is a way to constantly engage your users so that they keep coming back. This technique has taken inspiration from video game—it takes a character to reach some milestone or collect virtual points in various stages. You can create some element of gamification element on your app to increase user engagement. Due to the usefulness, your user will come back frequently.

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