Five WordPress Plugins and Technical Tips to Build a Better Blog

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Five WordPress Plugins and Technical Tips to Build a Better Blog

If you're working to build your blog's audience, these five plugins and blogging tips will help you drive traffic to your site.

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Blogging is fun and fulfilling as it's not only a good hobby, but also a good source of income. If you are a serious blogger, you will need a platform of your own. You will also need a website, a host, and a domain name. In designing your own website or blog, you should use a WordPress CMS platform because it can help you create a site with lots of features to choose from, depending on your preferences.

Moreover, WordPress has a very large community in which you can find lots of tips and tricks about blogging. Although beginners may find it too technical to deal with, the knowledge base is always available online for free. If you want to build a better blog, here are five WordPress plugins and technical tips you should try.

1. Akismet

Akismet is one of the most popular plugins WordPress bloggers use. In fact, most blogs internet users read online use this plugin. Every blog usually has a comments section. What Akismet does is scan and filter all comments. It will tell you whether or not a comment is a spam.

What's the issue with spam comments? To give you an idea, spam comments can ruin the ranking of your blog. Algorithms can detect spam comments, which can make your blog be interpreted by a search algorithm to be of low quality. You are probably well aware of the fact that low-quality blogs are not good for SEO and are not well-seen by Google.

This is why some bloggers manually remove every spam comment they see. However, this task is daunting, so they resort to using a plugin that will do the job. Akismet is one of the best plugins you can use for that purpose. Bloggers can try this tool for free or purchase the premium version.

2. Yoast SEO

Since SEO is crucial in getting more traffic to a blog, bloggers apply SEO strategies to help them rank in the search engine ranking page (SERP). Some strategies include creating high-quality content, on-page SEO, and keyword optimization. The problem is that it's difficult to determine how effective such strategies are. Although analytics may tell you whether or not your SEO campaign is gaining momentum, you need to have a microscopic method to see if your blog is SEO-friendly.

If you are looking for the ultimate WordPress plugins and technical-tips about SEO, you might be thinking of technical hacks that can get you to the top of SERP. Yoast SEO will allow you to reach the top of the list by telling you if your content needs improvement or if some of the components are bad for SEO. It will guide you through the entire process of getting the attention of the internet.

However, using Yoast SEO doesn't mean your blog will automatically be at the top of SERP. You will still have to work hard for it. What this tool will do is serve as your mentor and tell whether or not your blog is on the right track. By using Yoast SEO, you will no longer be clueless about your optimization efforts.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

Just because you launch a site or a blog doesn't mean it will be seen in search results. Keep in mind that your site is still invisible to the eyes of Google's search unless it is indexed. Therefore, your blog must be indexed first before you work hard to make it rank.

In some free blogging platforms like Blogger and Weebly, you will have to register your blog to Google search by sending your own sitemap. You can generate it by using your site's URL plus the required XML URL. This can be done by opening a Google Webmaster account. After signing up, you should add a site and verify it. After verification, you can send your XML sitemap.

This process is not actually difficult, but it consumes a lot of time. Sometimes, you need to repeat the process if you make some mistakes during the process. The good news is that WordPress users don't have to do this. With the help of Google XML Sitemaps plugin, your blog will automatically be indexed by Google search.

4. BJ Lazy Load

You have most likely encountered blogs with various types of images that take too long to load. As a user, this is pretty annoying, especially if you are performing a time-sensitive search. From the standpoint of a blogger, a blog that loads very slowly can increase its bounce rate, which may reduce the rank of your blog.

However, images are sometimes very important for a blog. To solve the problem of slow loading, WordPress bloggers use BJ Lazy Load. This tool enables every blog to load faster without having to remove the (high-resolution) images on it.

5. WP-Optimize

Your WordPress database needs to be cleaned to get rid of bugs and malware. There are several ways to clean your WordPress database, but some of them are too technical and require too much effort and time to be performed by novice users.

Bloggers can clean their WordPress database with ease and convenience using the WP-Optimize plugin. This tool can also be used to secure a website, as optimization also refers to security. It can even be adapted to secure a login process such as a Disney hub login.

Nowadays, blogging is no longer limited to hobbyists. Companies and digital marketers invest huge amounts of money into running their own blogs. Apparently, the competition among bloggers is getting tougher. This is why every blogger strives to build a better blog by using various notable WordPress plugins. The above plugins are some of the most popular and useful ones, so do not hesitate to use them accordingly if you are ever in need of help with getting your blog recognized by hundreds of internet searchers.

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