50 Useful Docker Tutorials, From Beginner to Advanced (Part 1)

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50 Useful Docker Tutorials, From Beginner to Advanced (Part 1)

With so many DevOps teams adopting container platform Docker into their pipelines, a plethora of tutorials to show you how to take full advantage of it.

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Containers bring many benefits to DevOps teams along with a number of security concerns. This post brings you details about 50 Docker training resources that are designed to train beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners on current knowledge about Docker.

Containers can be a big help in shipping and deploying your application where it’s needed. But using them adds a layer of complexity to your architecture and can be painful to implement and operate. The introduction of Docker to the IT community transformed the way many departments handled this type of work.

It’s one of the fastest-growing tools out there. Of course, Docker can’t fix all your problems in the cloud, but if you’re tired of the limitations of using virtual machines and want to give containers a try, you’d benefit from taking a course or even going through a basic walk-through showing you some best practices. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of 50 useful Docker tutorials for people from all walks of the IT life. You’ll find something here for Java developers, .Net lovers, and other languages. We’ve also got plenty for those not wed to any programming ideology who want to gain a better understanding of Docker.

Of course, containerized environments mean a different security perspective, as well. If you’re ready to move to Docker, Threat Stack’s Docker integration helps you make smarter security decisions while streamlining your data consumption. And did you know that Threat Stack can now be deployed as a container? That means DevOps can now build security right into their Docker deployment processes. But before you build and deploy, check out these helpful Docker tutorials to ensure you’re at the top of your game.

Beginner Level Docker Tutorials

1. Docker For Beginners

Docker for BeginnersThis straightforward Docker web tutorial takes you through everything from the definition of a container to working with Docker images and Docker files. It’s a great jumping-off point for those looking to get an idea of what this tool can do for them.

Key Features:

  • Shows you how to work with static websites
  • Teaches you command-line instructions
  • Gives you a good foundation to move onto more advanced Docker features

2. Docker Tutorial: Getting Going From Scratch

StackifyStackify’s web tutorial walks you through Docker from the perspective of a developer. It gives you a thorough understanding of how containers work and when to apply different capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Takes you through Docker installation
  • Looks at details of how Docker functions
  • Shows you how to create customized images

3. Getting Started With Docker, The Step By Step Tutorial

Mark TakacsThis YouTube video tutorial from Mark Takacs takes the time to go through the different problems Docker was built to solve. It then shows you how to execute commands and gives a big-picture view of the architecture. Check out the writeup accompanying the tutorial on Mark’s website here.

Key Features:

  • Shows you how to work with config files
  • Takes you through Docker compose
  • Goes through the construction of Docker

4. Docker Inside Out

DuckademyDuckademy’s video Docker course takes you through practical applications of Docker and how you’d use it in your day-to-day work. It costs $25.00 and receives periodic updates from instructors.

Key Features:

  • Dives into more advanced topics after showing you how to install and use the tool
  • Takes you through Docker networking
  • Goes through installing Docker on CentOS

5. A Fast and Easy Docker Tutorial For Beginners

Free Code CampThis video series from freeCodeCamp takes the time to show Mac users how to install the application. From there they take you through everything from command instructions to debugging Docker builds.

Key Features:

  • Covers key Docker concepts
  • Shows you how to inspect your images properly
  • Provides you with a solid learning foundation

6. Getting Started with Docker: Simplifying DevOps

ToptalToptal’s tutorial helps developers and software engineers understand Docker and how it can be used to manage enterprise applications. It then gives some good hands-on experience using Docker.

Key Features:

  • Covers the differences between containers and VMs
  • Goes over the Docker architecture
  • Shows how Docker works with a Java application

7. Learn Docker & Containers using Interactive Browser-Based Scenarios

KatakodaKatacoda’s practical scenario modules provide the opportunity to solve real-world problems without needing to download or configure anything on your machine. You only need to create a free account to get started.

Key Features:

  • Takes you through various Docker issues you’d come across day to day
  • Shows you how to deploy Docker with Node.js
  • Goes over load balancing with NGINX

8. Docker Tutorial: Play with Containers (Simple Examples)

Like GeeksLike Geeks provides you with basic examples allowing you to get a feel for Docker and how you might apply it to your development work. They help you understand how it can smooth out your deployment efforts.

Key Features:

  • Goes over how Docker can complement your use of machines
  • Shows you how to create and run containers
  • Helps you through simple Docker scenarios

9. Docker Fundamentals + Enterprise Operations Course Bundle

DockerDocker offers this on-site training package to companies looking to introduce Docker to their organization. These courses go through everything from the fundamentals of Docker to deployments using either the Swarm or Kubernetes orchestrator.

Key Features:

  • Allows your IT teams to learn at the same pace
  • Gets everyone up to speed over the course of four days
  • Helps you instill Docker best practices from the beginning

10. Docker Essentials and Administration Training

ZeolearnZeolearn allows you to learn the intricacies of using Docker for enterprise applications. This instructor-led course also trains your team on various administrative functions and provides you with a certification on completion.

Key Features:

  • Delivers over 16 hours of instruction
  • Great for system administrators, web developers, or any other IT professional
  • Can be done online, in a classroom, with a team, or one-on-one

11. Docker Training — Tekslate

TekSlateTekslate’s online Docker course helps you understand the purpose of Docker and the best way to apply it to your workflow. You qualify for the Docker certification on completion of the course.

Key Features:

  • Provides training in countries around the world including the US, India, and the UK
  • Guides you through each section with the help of an instructor
  • Allows you to go back and catch recorded sessions if you miss a class

12. Docker Fundamentals


This live hands-on class helps developers, operations managers, and anyone else involved in IT to learn about Docker. You can also attend online if you don’t live near one of the classes provided by ONLC Training Centers.

Key Features:

  • Takes you through the foundations of Docker
  • Provides lots of training scenarios to work through
  • Shows you how to create Swarms

13. Play With Docker Classroom

DockerDive right into a variety of labs and tutorials designed for users at every level. New users can get training on how to user Docker, while more experienced professionals can get help with more advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Learn networking, security, and orchestration
  • Get products ready for production
  • Provides introductions suited to your IT background

14. Docker – Container Tutorials

Container TutorialsGain a solid working knowledge of both Docker and Kubernetes by following this online tutorial. It touches on different topics including security and using Docker for machine learning.

Key Features:

  • Goes into Docker networking
  • Takes you through using Docker Compose
  • Shows you how to install and use Kubernetes

15. Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers

Level Up AcademyThis online video course by Level Up goes through the history of Docker and what it’s done for the IT industry. It’s a good place to start if you want clarity on the different moving pieces and how they all fit together.

Key Features:

  • Explains how Docker relates to VMs
  • Goes through deployment of Docker containers
  • Covers using Docker for building Microservice applications

16. Docker Tutorial for Java Developers

Java Code GeeksThis online web course from Java Code Geeks focuses on guiding Java developers through the ways they can use Docker for their projects. The course goes over what it does and how to get started from the Java perspective.

Key Features:

  • Shows you how to develop Docker applications
  • Goes through testing your applications with Docker
  • Covers Docker in tandem with continuous integration

17. Docker on Windows 10 Beginner’s Guide

Business News DailyWant to learn how to work with Docker on a machine with the Windows 10 OS? This web tutorial from Business News Daily guides you through installing it on your computer.

Key Features:

  • Takes you through all the required steps
  • Guides you through building a container
  • Advises you on what pitfalls to watch out for

18. Docker Tutorial For Beginners

Code Review VideosThese video tutorials give you a practical introduction into the world of Docker. They also covers different pain points you might encounter as you learn to use the technology. You’ll be required to install Docker CE and Docker Compose.

Key Features:

  • Goes over using Docker with MySQL and PHP
  • Provides coverage of using Docker Compose
  • Talks about using Docker with WordPress

19. Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands On – DevOps

UdemyThis basic Udemy course is great for those with little to no exposure to Docker. You’ll learn how to create Docker images with Docker files through lots of hands-on exercises.

Key Features:

  • Goes over using Docker Commands
  • Shows you how to perform different run operations
  • Gets into Docker Networking

Intermediate Level Docker Tutorials

20. GL340: DOCKER

NetCom LearningThis instructor-led Docker course makes sure students in the class start at the same level of learning to ensure that everyone comes along at the same pace. It covers all the cores aspects of Docker necessary for successful implementation. This course requires you to be proficient with the Linux CSI and Linux system administration.

Key Features:

  • Shows you how to create and manage containers
  • Takes you through using Docker volumes to control persistent data
  • Walks you through using Docker and Git along with an integration server to automate application testing

21. Hello Microservice Deployment Part 1: Docker

CodementorPart 1 of this series provided by Codementor Community covers the concept of Microservices and using Docker to manage them. You can move on to the other courses once you’ve completed this portion. You’ll need to be familiar with Git and Python.

Key Features:

  • Gives you an introduction to two new technologies
  • Takes you through the creation of an API using Python and Git
  • Shows you how to run it using Docker

22. What is Docker and How to Use it With Python (Tutorial)

DjangostarsPython lovers will appreciate this introduction to the Docker technology. It shows you how to use it in combination with Nginx and Redis for application management. You’ll need to be familiar with all these technologies before proceeding with this online tutorial from Djangostars.

Key Features:

  • Goes through reasons for using Docker
  • Helps you understand how it helps with development
  • Shows you different ways to use it with Python applications

23. Tutorials Point

Tutorials PointAnyone familiar with Windows or Linux should be able to follow along with this detailed online web course. It teaches you Docker from the perspective of using it as a container service.

Key Features:

  • Helps you install Docker on your local machine
  • Covers topics like Hub, building files, and working with public repositories
  • Also shows you how it works with different technologies like Node.js and MongoDB

24. Docker Deep Dive

PluralsightThis course from Pluralsight prepares you for the Docker Certified Associate exam. It covers everything you need to know to become confident with using Docker.

Key Features:

  • Takes you through the internal workings of Docker
  • Gets into working with Kernels
  • Shows you how the Docker Engine works

25. Dockerfile Tutorial by Example – Basics and Best Practices [2018]

Mark TakacsTry reading through this online web tutorial if you’re looking to expand on your current rudimentary knowledge of Docker. It goes through using a Dockerfile in the creation of a custom Docker image.

Key Features:

  • Tells you when you should use a Dockerfile
  • Walks you through an example of a Dockerfile
  • Goes through image layering

P.S. Also check out the Getting Started With Docker Refcard from DZone. 

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