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"50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues" Free eBook

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"50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues" Free eBook

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simple talk - Michaela Murray - Free eBook: 50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues

Back in November, I started asking for your top tips on ASP.NET and SQL Server performance.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve now published 50 of our favourite in a free, brand-spanking new eBook – 50 Ways to Avoid, Find and Fix ASP.NET Performance Issues.

When we asked for your tips, we really weren’t sure what sort of response we were going to get. The whole idea was a bit of an experiment. We knew there were stacks of great guidance out there – every time I go to a .NET event I learn a clever new trick – but we really weren’t expecting the avalanche of advice that came through from all of you. It was seriously hard work to pick the pieces that should go in.

However, the time has FINALLY come to announce the lucky winner of the prize – a Microsoft Surface – for the best ASP.NET performance tip. And it is…(drumroll)…Troy Hunt, for this pearl of wisdom:


Snaps of the eBook



And a snip from it...

This book began as a publishing experiment: could we make the collective wisdom of the ASP.NET and SQL Server communities available as an eBook? We chose performance improvements as our topic, and started asking for tips in November 2012.

You’re reading the results now.

We’d like to thank our panel of judges, the LIDNUG group, and most of all the ASP.NET community for taking part. Although we set a strict timeframe for gathering and editing the advice that came in, there’s no reason to stop here. Each tip came from a fellow developer and we’d love to gather more, so if you think something is missing, let us know, or use #50ASPtips to tweet about it. With your help, we can make ASP.NET apps run faster than Usain Bolt with cheetahs for shoes.

If you're an ASP.Net'er you should probably grab this ebook soon... um... like... real soon... um... like now'ish. You got it yet? What are you waiting for? Go...


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