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6 Data Security and Privacy Tips for 2017

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6 Data Security and Privacy Tips for 2017

More tips to stay more secure in a world where security breaches regularly make headlines.

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You already know how dangerous a cyber-attack can be. The fact is that thousands of businesses are brought down every year because of completely preventable cyber assaults. To make sure you don’t become a victim in 2017 this guide is going to show you some of the big data security and privacy tips you should follow.

Pay Special Attention to Social Media and How Employees Use Social Media

Social media is a headache for businesses. It’s easy to get hacked on social media because you have no control over the security protocols. Clicking on the wrong links or falling for an offer from a fake account are two ways in which you could lose your personal information.
For any devices where you decide to carry out sensitive tasks you should avoid accessing social media at all. It’s the safest option available.

Beware of Public Wi-Fi Networks

The cloud has meant that you can access your personal files from anywhere. This is a fantastic advancement, but using public Wi-Fi to do this is a real risk. Public Wi-Fi doesn’t have the latest security and you can’t tell who’s watching you. More than once, people have lost their personal details because they entered them on a public Wi-Fi network. We recommend avoiding them entirely.

But what if you don’t have any choice?

Sometimes you need to access something quickly on public Wi-Fi. There’s no secure way to do this, but what you can do is limit your time spent on that network. Get what you need and disconnect as soon as you possibly can.

Invest in Encryption Protocols

The latest encryption protocols are essential for hiding your data from others. I recommend spending the money on a security expert to install and update these for you. “Cyber defence is an arms race,” says a representative of Seattle Malpractice Lawyers. “To stay ahead of attackers, you need to constantly update your encryption protocols to prevent these people from breaking them and invading your personal details.”

Begin Using Multi-Factor Authentication Technology

Multi-factor authentication technology aims to provide you with an extra layer of protection should your password be compromised. The idea behind it is that you have a conventional password and an extra security layer that can only be accessed through a separate platform.

For example, some companies invest in email verification, where every time you login you must enter a code sent to your email account. Another example is an SMS code. Check your smartphone and enter the code to get access. It’s highly unlikely that a hacker will have compromised both platforms.

Think About Formal Cyber Training

It’s easy to think that a company’s employees are going to be savvy enough to know how to protect themselves against hackers. The reality is that most hackers are not experts. They’re simply taking advantage of basic mistakes that even kids should know.

The basics like changing your password regularly, not leaving yourself logged in on the computer, and updating your anti-virus systems are still not as widespread as you might think. As the leader of a company, you may want to think about whether you need to invest in formal cyber training.

The presence of a cyber security expert can drive home how serious it is to protect online systems against attackers. Keep in mind that formal cyber training can be expensive, but it’s an investment well-spent.

Use the Help of the Department of Homeland Security

Read over the freely available cyber security framework offered by the Department of Homeland Security. This is the government’s attempt at showing you how you can build up a secure and safe system. Go over the information and implement these same pieces of advice in your business.

Take note this guidance is extremely general. You should be prepared to adapt the advice according to the needs and demands of your company, blog and other web assets.

Conclusion – New Technology New Challenges

The growth of the cloud and other similar technologies increases accessibility. The problem is that it also provides new opportunities for cyber attackers to cause problems. Now has never been a better time for individuals and businesses to examine the steps they can take to stop cyber attackers.

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