6 Meeting Management Software Your Team Should Start Using

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6 Meeting Management Software Your Team Should Start Using

Over 55 million meetings held in the US every week. Check out these six tools that can help you facilitate those meetings a little easier.

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In America, 55 million meetings are conducted on a weekly basis, whereas the total number of meetings held annually in America surpasses well above a billion. That's right, America meets a ton!

That means more than a quarter of the total time of an average American working in an organization is spent attending meetings. In 2017 Cisco reported that 37% of employee time is spent in meetings.

How much of that total time spent in meetings is actually productive?

According to a report by Attentiv, 63% of the total meetings held annually are conducted without an agenda. Goes without saying, ill-planned meetings lead to ill-achieved outcomes.

Planning your meeting, managing it and then conducting it strategically to achieve a solid outcome from the meeting is all part of meeting management.

Modern workforces have automated their traditional meeting platforms into virtual meetings, with the use of meeting management software.

Meeting management software has been a tremendous help in enabling teams to achieve myriad of goals within a cost-effective approach. However, even the modern methods of conducting meetings have their downside: patchy network, technical issues and choppy video, to name a few.

Which is why we have gathered a list of 6 best meeting management software that your team will most definitely enjoy meeting within.

Cisco WebEx

WebEx, a product of Cisco is an enterprise favorite! Known-widely for its impressive video conferencing, and webinar hosting feature, businesses of all sizes find it extremely supportive for collaborative purposes.

The WebEx Meeting Center is a built-in tool in the software that allows users to schedule and host meetings ahead of time.

You can schedule a meeting using two set of options. If you're short on time, and all you need to do is quickly schedule a meeting with its name, attendees, date, and duration, then use the Quick Scheduler. On the contrary, you can use the Advanced Scheduler that lets you set an email reminder for the meeting and select its recurrence period. An additional reminder on the phone can also be setup using the "Call Me" feature. This will send a reminder call on your phone before the meeting is about to take place.

All you need in order to invite a member to a meeting is their email address.

Key Features:

  • Brainstorm & Chat Tool - Communicate with team members in a private room. Gather and monitor real-time polls from the team
  • Editing, Recording, and Playback - Record meetings for future reference with a secure password. Playback the meetings on any device to re-visit the discussion
  • Floating panels - Share your screen with members sitting across the globe, while managing online meeting simultaneously


  • Send easy meeting invitations from phone calls, SMS, email or IM.
  • Cross-platform functionality that assists users to join the meeting from Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris and any mobile device.
  • Share and edit files in a meeting, once the host of the meeting provides access to chosen attendees for making changes.
  • Switch instantly between devices while on-call in a meeting
  • Desktop integrations that allow scheduling meetings from MS-Office, Lotus, and other IMs.


  • Limited types and size of files that can be shared
  • When scheduling a meeting, no place to set an agenda or design a meeting plan
  • Expensive if you need 10+ members in a meeting. $39/ user monthly
  • Meetings can’t be linked to tasks or projects


Meetin.gs is easily the most supportive meeting management software a team could use.

It is designed to organize, streamline and align your meeting management load with an interactive interface and visually attractive notification system.

There is so much that you can manage with your meetings using Meetin.gs in the simplest possible way.

Meetin.gs provides numerous integrations with social communication tools (Skype, Google Hangout, Microsoft Lync, your own conferencing solution). These integrations extend out to your calendar, address book and Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM). So, you can schedule a meeting with whomever you want from anywhere, using the easy-to-use 'Schedule' button present on various services.

Meeting.gs Features:

  • Create and edit agendas for team attendees
  • Create and edit action points to send team attendees for follow-up, post meeting
  • Centralize meeting agenda, files & images on a single page for easy visibility and accessibility for the other team members
  • Send meeting reminders and inform participants to confirm their availability for the meeting
  • Manage notifications sent to team attendees and manage their control of making changes to meeting materials


  • Send unlimited meeting invitations to people using the integrated address book feature
  • Track the timeline of each meeting that is scheduled, taking place or has finished
  • $12/ organizer monthly
  • Create multiple meeting schedules for various objectives


  • Is only a meeting management software, doesn’t provide video or audio call feature


nTask is an emerging task management software that streamlines meeting management with on-going neighboring activities like end-to-end project management, team management as well as risks and issue management.

With nTask you can schedule meetings containing:

  1. Clear concise agenda
  2. Start Time
  3. Linkage to a Task
  4. Duration of period
  5. Date of meeting
  6. Recurrence period
  7. Discussion points
  8. Follow-up actions
  9. Decisions

nTask is compatible with many different devices and equipment, including iOS and Android.

Once the meeting has been scheduled, the organizer can manage control over which attendee can edit and make additions to meeting material (i.e. agenda, discussion points decisions and follow-up actions)


  • Easy to use interface that facilitates editing the Meeting Schedule whenever necessary
  • Sends email reminders of meetings to every team member
  • Allows meeting materials to be shared for review by other team members
  • Allows organizer to share minutes of meeting with each participant
  • Send meeting invitation to unlimited team members
  • Unlimited number of meetings in the FREE version


  • Is only a meeting management software that can be used to schedule and manage the outcomes of the meeting.
  • Doesn't contain video or audio call feature to facilitate virtual meeting conferences

Fuze — Meeting Management Software

Fuze is another cloud-based meeting management software that is ideal for both large and small businesses alike. It provides a stellar variety of features to modify your meeting management experience at an affordable price. Fuze is designed to assist all sorts of business communications: video conferencing, content sharing, webinars, group chatting, and screen sharing.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise Security - All meeting facets are strictly encrypted to ensure team data & information are secure.
  • Cross-platform integration with every browser and compatibility with all types of devices
  • Simple, user-friendly interface to assist unified communication between the team


  • Strong audio and video reception
  • Allows users to share all types of files and of all sizes, from anywhere
  • A free plan that allows unlimited meetings with teams ranging up to 25 members
  • Has its own mobile app so users can join meetings from their mobile phones


  • Meetings can’t be scheduled ahead of time
  • Meeting agenda, follow-up action, and discussion points can’t be created for participants’ insight
  • Meeting reminders can’t be sent
  • Meetings can’t be linked to tasks or projects

GlobalMeet by PGi

Everything you need in an ideal meeting management software, you can get it in GlobalMeet by PGi. Well, almost everything. It is one of those meeting services that were built keeping end-user functionality in mind. It enables you to enhance the quality and productivity of your meetings and how you manage them. By far the most number of participants that any software can allow in a meeting is GlobalMeet. You can invite more than 120+ participants in a meeting on a paid plan.

The virtual rooms in GlobalMeet are large and user-friendly, with clear panels containing big buttons for users to navigate everything on a single window.

Meetings in GlobalMeet can be scheduled in two ways. One way is to use the Schedule feature on the software application. You select the date, time, duration and select your participants' email addresses. The invitation is sent to the participants via email with the URL of the meeting given in it.

The software has an Outlook integration, so you can send meeting invitations from your Outlook account. All you have to do is use the GlobalMeet toolbar on your Outlook account.

In GlobalMeet, there is a File Library that lets you access your files, images, documents of all sorts without having to enter the meeting. It stores all your data and information shared during a meeting. You can also move your files around in different folders by simply dragging and dropping them to the intended destination.

Much like Cisco WebEx, users you can conduct surveys and polls to gather feedback from their users during or outside a meeting. Users can create MCQ questions or essay questions, and then edit or delete them whenever they want.

Key Features:

  • Share screen, files, videos and meeting records with the rest of the team
  • Online meeting management for viewing meeting reports, adjusting participant and control preferences and access meeting materials
  • Passcodes for participants to provide access to make changes to meetings’ quality
  • Whiteboard feature to enable team or individual brainstorming, summarizing meeting endpoints, discussion of plans & strategies. The host can allow access to other participants to his/her own whiteboard for collaboration.


  • Lets you transfer your meetings to another device (iOS, Android, Tablet, smartphone) without losing connectivity.
  • Full control over webcam video feeds and audio speaker at any point during the meeting
  • Maximum number of meeting participants in a single meeting (as much as 100+)
  • Instant notifications for each event taking place during a meeting
  • Engaging interface with accessible and easy to maneuver toolbars for each function


  • No meeting reminders
  • No meeting agenda
  • No meeting recurrence
  • No linkage of meetings to task
  • No breakout rooms for private or individual discussion

Eztalks Meeting

Eztalks meeting is also a cloud-based meeting management software. It is unique and versatile, allowing businesses to schedule meetings as well as conduct them on an instant need basis. [5]

Eztalks provides a comprehensive platform for teams to communicate using their HD video and audio conferencing, creative whiteboards, cross-platform integrations and real-time chatting.

Eztalks aims to make meeting management and meeting assembly hassle free by providing quick access to meetings. You can send meetings invites by email or by sharing the meeting link with your attendees. The attendees don't have to register for an account in order to accept the invitation, they can simply log in using their browser and enter the meeting.

Scheduling a meeting in Eztalks is equally simple. The host assigns a title to the meeting, date, time, subject of the meeting and details to let the participants know of the agenda.

Key Features:

  • Allows sharing – screen sharing, whiteboard sharing, file sharing.
  • Record meetings to review later or consult for future reference
  • Compatible with all devices
  • HD video & audio service


  • Simple to understand and use interface
  • Permits control over meeting participants
  • Allows team members, associates and clients to quickly join the meeting without registering
  • Enables both organizing and conducting a meeting


  • No reminder of the meeting
  • No recurrence of the meeting
  • No linkage of the meeting to a task

Every meeting management software is likely to be a mixture of strong features and some poor ones. But that's ok, seeing as how every meeting has requirements unique to their purpose. Some meetings are conducted for the purpose of uniformed collaboration, some essentially for learning and some for mere feedbacks and updates. Check and see which of the meeting management software from our list fully caters to your meeting purposes and let us know in the comments below.

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