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6 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

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6 Mobile Commerce Trends in 2018 [Infographic]

If you're making mobile apps, bear in mind the importance of supporting what appear to be the biggest trends, such as video content and NFC payments.

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We are living in a mobile era, and mobility advantages have won minds and hearts of the people of all strata. Rapidly developing mobile technologies have set mobile commerce trends in the recent past and it is likely continuing in the coming year 2017.

Mobile Commerce Infographic

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Mobile Payments

Mobile devices used for payments in the modern commercial activities. The tendency remains continue since 2012. The figures indicate a sharp increase of 48% in the payments through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and phablets.

Growth of Smartphone Users

Smartphones are becoming cheaper and advanced in technologies with the pace of time. Therefore, a steady increase has recorded in smartphone usage, and it may lead to boost m-commerce activities further in 2017.

eCommerce Coming From Smartphones

With the increase in smartphone usage and used for mobile payments have boosted ecommerce sale in the past and trends for mobile commerce may continue in 2017 too.

B2B Mobile Commerce

Besides, B2C, now B2B businesses are also using mobile devices for their commercial purposes, and as per surveys, nearly 70% millennial are buying B2B products using m-commerce arsenals.

Mobile App Market

Financial transactions through mobile apps are safer than mobile Internet, so mobile applications are generating more revenues than mobile browsers. These trends also likely continue in 2017 too.

Emerging Trends

In 2017 the mobile commerce trends may gain firm hold, and due to the advent of technologies, a sharp increase is expected. Some of the technologies are leaving positive impacts on it, and those are:

MIR (Mobile Image Recognition) Technology

Shoppers tempted when they see a product image that they love to buy and image recognition technology helps them to find it on the web. Mobile devices are mean to take an image and buy the product at best price. It may boost m-commerce further in 2017.

Video Content

Videos are capable of grabbing immediate attentions of the web and mobile users. Therefore, multimedia support and fast Internet technologies may enhance mobile commerce further in 2017 too. 

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

Augmented reality technologies offer a decent opportunity to the shoppers that they can test the certain products with their Avatar and make the final decision for buying it.

NFC (Near Field Communication) – Enable Payment

NFC is considering the most reliable mode of mobile payment today, so it has a significant role in the growth of mobile commerce in coming years including 2017.


Mobile devices are gaining grounds in mainstream commerce gradually, and people are exhibiting increasing tendencies towards it, and it may remain the same in 2017.

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