Six Most Popular Bug Tracking Tools

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Six Most Popular Bug Tracking Tools

The Quality Assurance Market has seen the emergence of the series of defect management or bug tracking systems tools over the years.

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There is one major challenge that comes with every new app or website, something that tech-savvy people – name “a bug”. Those bugs are giving developers a tough time. Those bugs are the reason, why we require using bug tracking systems to find, document and resolve these bugs. The Quality Assurance Market has seen the emergence of the series of defect management or bug tracking systems tools over the years.

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Let’s have a glance at the best Bug Tracking Tools:

Trac — Bug Tracking Tool

Trac- Bug Tracking Tool It is an open-source and an improved wiki and issue tracking system for particular software development projects. It has been adopted by various enterprises for software development projects. It offers a simple to use web interface. It can be used for documents and management. Trac integrates with high version control systems considering Git and Subversion.

It also allows wiki markup in issue descriptions and commit messages and to create relations and references between tasks, bugs, changesets, files, and wiki pages. Trac is a lightweight and stable system; however, you may lose out on some of the pioneering features offered by other bug tracking systems.

Type — Free Version

Bugzilla — Bug Tracking Tool

Bugzilla- Bug Tracking Tool
It is a Mozilla Foundation supported web-based bug tracker and pioneering testing tool that permits its users to log and track flaws, bugs, and defects in their product effectively. It is a matured feature-rich app with great features like advanced search capabilities, scheduled reports, bug lists in multiple formats, the capability to file/ modify bugs via email, patch viewer, time tracking, automatic duplicate bug detection, request system, private attachment, and comments, etc.

Bugzilla is a widely adapted product used by quite a few big open source projects such as Linux Kernel dev team, Apache dev team, GNOME dev team, and renowned companies like Facebook, NASA, Open Office, etc. and are one of the well-known bug tracking systems.

Type — Free Version

ReQtest — Bug Tracking Tool

ReQtest- Bug Tracking Tool

It is an external cloud-based testing tool with a bug tracker capacity. ReQtest also offers all-extensive test management features which give the testing team the capacity to detect the advancement of testing in real-time. Its “Agile board” offers an effective method to visualize tasks and collaborate smoothly. It is famous amongst UAT testers and is mostly preferred by big corporations and small teams as well, as it has no hassles associating installation or maintenance.

Type – Free and Commercial versions (Free ReQtest Trial for 10 Days)

BugHerd — Bug Tracking Tool

BugHerd- Bug Tracking Tool

It is a web-based bug tracking project management tool. Specifically designed and framed for developers and designers, glitches are well-organized around four major listings: Backlog, To Do, and Doing and Done – enable the testing team to keep up with the status of diverse tasks. The sophisticated tool captures a screenshot of the roadblocks counting the exact HTML component being annotated. When already installed tools such as Pivotal Tracker or Redmine? BugHerd can be incorporated with any of these.

Type – Free Version

JIRA — Bug Tracking Tool

JIRA- Bug Tracking Tool

It is a popular tool developed by Australian Company Atlassian. JIRA is used for issue tracking, bug tracking, and project management. The fundamental use of this tool is to track the issue, defects, flaws, and bugs related to your software and Mobile applications.

Type – Free and Commercial Versions (7-day free trial)

Mantis — Bug Tracking Tool

Mantis- Bug Tracking Tool

This tool can be simple to use. Mantis not only comes as a web app but possesses its own mobile version. Mantis works with several databases like PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, and integrated with applications like the wiki, RSS feeds, chat, time tracking, and many more.

Type – Free and Commercial Versions (30 days free trial)

These are top six defects/bug tracking tools available in the market – with some of them being an ideal fit for you and the others won’t cut it. In order to choose the accurate tool, it’s vital to consider several important factors like a team’s size and capabilities you require.

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