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6 Pointers to Get Comfortable in an Uncomfortable Environment

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6 Pointers to Get Comfortable in an Uncomfortable Environment

If you find yourself in a new position or a new company, you'll need to step outside your comfort zone to make a home for yourself.

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Wow, I just can’t believe it’s been already one year since I took up the new role. It has been a fantastic roller coaster ride and as I retrospect how the year went by, I've jotted down some critical elements.

#1: Unlearn and Learn

This is the hardest part. We all have been superstars in our previous roles and it’s always easy to repeat what we have done in the past. Well, it just doesn’t work that way. We are entering a different ecosystem and culture altogether and it’s critical to see them and feel them even before we jump start and ultimately imbibe them.

Believe me, no one likes to hear “In my previous team, we used to this…”. There may be several best practices from our previous organizations, but it is important to learn the objectives, expectations, strengths and improvement areas in our new role.

Eventually, we may end up applying what we did before, but going back to basics by listening-in, spending time to get to know the people, domain, and technology is the first step to win trust and confidence of the team. I can visualize eyebrows raising when I just said about technology. Yes, it’s important not just to know but also to learn the technology we are in irrespective of the role we play.   

#2: 30-60-90-Day Plan

It’s important to have a plan, review with the leadership team and continuously measure to see if we are on the right track. But in today’s workplace, most of the roles demand our contribution from Day 1. While we can focus on our 30-60-90 plan, we need to align and be agile on current changing priorities.

“Right now, right here” is the winning attitude expected from each one of us. Delayed action is missed opportunity!

#3: Be Surrounded by Critics

None of us like criticism, but if we want to be aggressive about our establishment in the new environment, we need to take constant feedback from critics. While the traditional ‘What went well, what can be improved’ type of retrospection helps, the best inputs come from the critics let it be constructive or destructive.

Ignore the negativity, understand the intent and analyze if it is aligned to the objective and helps you in moving forward in the right direction. The intention here is not to satisfy everyone, but ensure we are doing the right thing for the culture & organization.

#4: Show & Lead the Path, but Journey Is Not Just Ours

As leaders, it’s important that we not only show the path, but also lead and walk the talk. But we also need to realize that we are together in the journey with people of diverse expertise, mindsets, and passions.

We can give our best, but unless everyone understands the purpose, gives their best and feels the same way we do, we won’t be able to achieve the desired outcomes as a team. It’s okay ; don't sweat it. The question we need to ask ourselves is, "Did we create the environment and provide the required guidance and support for our team, and leave the rest to the team so they can succeed?" After all, the individuals own their careers.

#5: The Sky is the Limit

Every role comes with clearly articulated responsibilities. While we need to ensure we are not stepping on others’ toes, we shouldn’t be limiting ourselves to our official job description.

The only way to raise the bar (how can I miss this favorite statement of every leader?) is performing beyond limits and striving towards organizational objectives. Learning, sharing the knowledge, ideation and innovation are some levers to scale us up.

#6: Be Ourselves

We discussed learning and adopting into the new environment, but at the same time, we shouldn’t be compromising our own identity. Our passion, aptitude and attitude got us where we are today and they will take us further by honing them with additional expertise and thought leadership.

To get comfortable in an uncomfortable environment is not as complicated as it sounds as long as we are willing to listen, react and most importantly be an active part of the environment.

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  

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