6 Problems the Internet of Things and Big Data Solve

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6 Problems the Internet of Things and Big Data Solve

Hand in hand, Big Data and IoT are working to change the world. Each one enables the other to reach new heights and enhance technology in new domains.

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The Internet of Things and Big Data are two major revolutions that have changed the world as we know it. The Internet of Things is all about connecting ordinary items to the Internet. Big Data enables businesses to take advantage of better remote functionality. Without Big Data, the Internet of Things wouldn’t be able to function.

This guide is going to show you some of the problems the Internet of Things and Big Data have managed to solve.

Big Data Has Managed to Solve the Problem of IoT

The Internet of Things requires Big Data to work effectively. Say your busines is a luxury apparel brand, for your interactive online catalogues to give customers the items they’re looking for, data needs to be gathered on a large scale. That problem has been solved because Big Data has become more effective than ever before.

It’s enabled the growth of the Internet of Things.

Businesses Can Give Customers Exactly What They Want

"Businesses have always had to go out of their way to figure out what customers want," says the CEO of Monitorbest. "The problem is that this can only happen once you’ve met the customer a number of times. The Internet of Things can now produce interactive catalogues that give total strangers what they want."

And it’s all because of Big Data gathering information on specific customer segments. This has the ability to impress customers and increase the chances of them deciding to shop with them. Imagine walking into a store for the first time and the clerk already knows what you want. It’s a powerful tool.

Healthcare Has Become Safer

Those who regularly have to go to the hospital with chronic conditions are also benefitting from the Internet of Things and Big Data. Healthcare is becoming both safer and cheaper in many parts of the world. Sensors perpetually connected to doctors/hospitals will beep and send messages to call for an emergency if the data gathered from the patient falls below a certain level.

Healthcare professionals can analyse the data brought from individual patients to deliver better solutions. This ultimately makes it easier for doctors to reduce the number of hospital visits and the number of accidents.

Homeowners Have More Control Over Security

Sadly, crime is a huge problem in many parts of the world. Big Data and the Internet of Things has come together to make your home safer. Through analyzing your home, cameras connected to the Internet will automatically switch on and begin recording when they notice something suspicious in your home.

Crucially, they will send that recording directly to you and call the police at the same time. You can follow the action in real time and make sure that anyone trying to rob your house is immediately brought to justice. It’s a revolution that could make it easier to avoid problems before they arise.

Get the Home You Want

Controlling your home’s temperature, setting up a TV streaming system, choosing how much light is in the room, and the rest of your home’s functions can be tricky. Big Data and the Internet of Things will allow you to do this remotely from your smartphone. Your home can become fully functional and it can be controlled on your way home from work and even when you’re at the store.

Telling You How to Solve the Problem

Every industry has problems that people don’t know the solutions to. You would either have to spend a long time figuring out what the solution is or you would have to waste your time waiting for someone else who does know the answer to the problem.

Big Data and the Internet of Things are producing products and systems that will automatically give you the answer to your problem. For example, if a machine in a factory malfunctions you’ll automatically receive instructions on how to repair it. This will make firms more efficient and more effective at preventing problems.

Last Word: It’s Only Getting Better

The fact is that both of these innovations are only going to get more effective as time goes on. It’s an exciting time to be alive and there’s no telling how they’re going to improve going forward.

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