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6 Simple Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools for Agile Web Development

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6 Simple Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools for Agile Web Development

Keep your various project teams and stakeholders on one accord with these tools that promote brainstroming and mind mapping.

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Building an app or website is never a one-man show. Developers often work within a dense ecosystem of project managers, content creators, digital marketers, UI designers, and a host of other team members who are usually required to build a functional system.

But even with multiple professional team members working on the same project, success is not always guaranteed. It gets worse for developers looking to instill the principles of Agile web development, the project management methodology that allows developers to efficiently respond to change, allowing for maximum flexibility and adaptive planning as the project chugs along.

For Agile project development, communication is critical to the success of the project. Team members must stay in a constant state of self-organization and collaboration, always ready to tackle issues as they pop up.       

To fulfill this need, it’s always important for development teams to stay in the know when it comes to individual knowledge among team members, which is why brainstorming and knowledge mapping are crucial elements for successful projects. Knowledge mapping is an essential activity that helps teams to identify existing knowledge, what knowledge is missing, and the team’s needs.

There are a handful of useful business tools that teams can use to discover and analyze their knowledge requirements. Check out some of the most effective ones in the next section.


MindView is a simple mapping tool that allows users to brainstorm and organize thoughts and ideas into actionable plans. While MindView is normally used by individuals to create mind maps, development teams use this tool to assess available knowledge and can come in handy when managing communication with clients.

MindView integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and even comes with tons of templates and video tutorials for beginners.


GroupMap is a useful knowledge mapping tool that lets organizations collect and analyze data from different teams and departments within the organization. Users can create maps using custom parameters then have team members share their views from within the map. Team members can grow the map by adding comments via brainstorming sessions.

At the end of the day, the mind maps created from GroupMap can be used to build on new ideas and fill up identified gaps within the project. 


MindMeister is an online-based collaborative tool for mind mapping and brainstorming. It allows organizations to brainstorm by enabling individual users to draw brain maps and share them with other individuals within the team.

Aditya Kamath, Brand Manager of BeBeautiful, says mind mapping tools such as MindMeister can be game-changers for businesses that have outsourced their development projects to external teams.

Citing an example of a redevelopment of his beautiful website, he says that the pool of information collected via such tools provides vital insights into the project for non-technical members, enabling him to maintain visibility into the project and propose timely changes as the project progresses.


One of the most effective ways of mapping knowledge within teams is by diagrammatically representing the flow of information as the project matures. Edraw is a cross-platform application that does just that. Its many features include tools for creating organizational charts, flowcharts, mind maps, and workflows that can all be used to show the flow of information within the development cycle.

Edraw is also perfect for large development teams with multiple moving parts, especially international development companies with multiple contacts in more than one location. These often produce a lot of complex data that can be analyzed using Edraw to provide valuable insights on the project.     


Like Edraw Max, LucidChat is a diagramming tool that helps businesses and individuals to map out ideas when creating a mind map. LucidChat comes with a number of basic mind-mapping tools and also allows for real-time collaboration between multiple teams, which makes brainstorming sessions more productive.

LucidChat is quite easy to use, thanks to a ton of tutorials and a large user community. This tool also adds social sharing and custom themes to its arsenal of features.


Bubbl.us is another online-based tool for creating mind maps. It is also one of the easiest tools to use for teams. Individual users within a team can create new idea trees and expand them using input from other team members. Each Bubbl.us contribution grows the tree, which can then be used to provide insights about the project in real-time.  

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