5 Things That are Changing the Trends of Office Work Culture

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5 Things That are Changing the Trends of Office Work Culture

Tech companies have a reputation as some of the best places to work. We take a look at some trends that can help your company achieve a great work culture.

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The modern office is getting smarter. It is using the right smart office technology for the modern workforce to help employees perform in the best possible environment. However, bringing a change to the company culture is a daunting task. Nothing can be worse than your employees working in a negative environment. They spend most of their hours in the office and don't want their life to be sucked out in those 8 or 9 hours each day. So, what does an office work culture mean?

Culture is all about the employees and making sure they are in a fun and productive work environment.

Do You Care About Your Work Culture? Why Should You?

We need to take care of our office work culture. We know that happiness means more productivity. And a good work culture will bring happiness. So, for companies, it is worth the investment to build their culture that involves up-to-date technology, gadgets, and a warm working environment.

What Are the Signs That Show That Your Company Culture Needs a Change?

  • People are stuck using outdated technology.

  • Employees do not like coming to the office.

  • Working hours and holidays are always an issue.

  • They are more attracted to how other offices are working.

  • Employees are not socializing apart from work.

  • Meetings are quiet and boring.

If these describe your office, then your office culture is really toxic. It’s your company’s unique beliefs, mission, vision, and values, it’s vibe and passion that will bring the change. A few organizations' nowadays recognize that culture is a way to drive business performance. Here are the things that these organizations are doing to bring about a positive change in their office culture.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Technology is changing and it is bringing a change in how we interact with the world, including our colleagues. The recent progress in artificial intelligence is dramatically changing our personal and professional lives. Artificial intelligence is making innumerable changes in the trends of office work culture and it has made it possible for a building to decide when and how it should modulate temperature, air quality, and more. It is becoming capable of understanding how people work and automatically optimizing building control systems to efficiently meet the needs of everyone.

2. Real-Time Collaboration

For a modern smart office, real-time collaboration is an essential technology for improved productivity and collaboration between teams. Collaboration is important for sharing important project details and for feedback sessions. Giving and getting feedback is an art and the most important part of your work. Not every bit of feedback will be great, it can be negative and sometimes positive. But every kind of feedback needs to be taken care of and communicated in a decent manner. It is an instrument for measuring the quality of your work. And collaboration expands the scope of projects on which remote teams can work to transform their work and tasks.

3. The Right Hiring/Firing Decisions

The idea of a changing workplace culture may sound simple and you may be wondering how hiring/firing can affect it. Hiring and firing may be the hardest thing to do for your company. It is quite difficult to reject someone for certain reasons and fire someone to hire somebody new. Hiring the right talent is important, but you need to know that some people are not as good in interviews as they are on the job. So make a wise decision, because indirectly it’s your culture being affected. Hire the ones who fit your culture. And also if you need to fire someone because of reasons like laziness, irresponsibility, or the inability to adapt to the work, make sure you are considering the reasons carefully. Match your company’s values to the big picture of the hiring and firing process.

4. A Project Management System

Is your office work sailing smoothly? If not, you need to make a change. The more organized your work is, the more your employees will enjoy doing the work. My employees at 1SEOIN work in an organized way because their work is all controlled under Hub. They manage their tasks, reports, and statuses in our project management software. So companies today are incorporating these types of software into their work to have an organized work culture. This is greatly changing the trends of office work culture.

5. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing the behavior of the internet, as well as the way we live and work. Offices that are adopting the new cloud computing trends are making technological changes to bring an impact to their companies. Companies are providing cloud solutions to businesses for better and productive results. There are several applications that are stored online and can be operated anywhere and anytime. Data is manipulated in the cloud and there is no need for bulky servers. Remote employees usually see the biggest benefits from the cloud, as they can easily manage their work and access data outside of the office.

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