6 Tips to Design an MVP of Your Promising Idea

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6 Tips to Design an MVP of Your Promising Idea

Having a great idea is not enough, but a well-crafted and delivered MVP could be the beginning of a prosperous business.

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How does any business commence? With a bright business idea, of course! A would-be business owner comes up with the decision to start the development of a project but sticks to the issue of consumer engagement. Before investing in a multifunctional software solution, be it an enterprise solution or a medium startup project, it's wise to try to anticipate product’s success in the market and outline the target audience.

That is why businesses of all stripes need a minimum viable product or MVP at the start. This development technique allows turning an idea into a product with a limited number of features. Many upcoming businesses fail when neglecting the concept of an MVP. The lack of the verified research date on consumer demands may be fatal for business outcomes. MVPs help gauge the level of compliance of an idea with current market trends and tendencies. 

So, since you agree with the imperative need for an MVP, you are most likely to ask, "What is the best way of creating it?"

Keep Pace with Your Consumers

It is not enough to get up one day with an idea shaped in your mind. You may think it is genius, but in fact, you may be about to reinvent the wheel. It's time to get a better insight on the market that you are to take a stable niche in. Start with utilizing open data and tools to gauge customer engagement offered by SquareHubSpot, and the like for your analytical campaign. At some stage, you can use social networks since they are mostly free and can arm you with quite comprehensive information.  

Go for the Minimal Thing

Customers will never care about your domain experience without your self-advertising. They judge by what they see. Remember, your MVP is not a full-scale product—it just has to survive in the market and attract early adopters. Don’t try to implement numerous features. Pick one and make sure it works well enough to engage the target audience.

Just a remark for you to consider: Facebook started as an MVP that simply connected students and enabled posting comments; Amazon set off with selling books; Dropbox virtually tricked everyone and posted a video of a future product to get feedback—the list is not exhaustive. 

Stay on the Safe Side

MVP is known as a cost-saving and risk-reductive development approach. However, it is not wise to rely on luck and eliminate QA from your MVP plan. Through including this service, you will detect and fix bugs before having consumers infuriated with your product. Moreover, make sure that the work of your Development and QA teams is synchronized, i.e. the teams maintain ongoing communication and have full-time access to all project materials. And one more tip: choose an expert assistant for launching your startup and ensure forward-looking project development. 

Make It Engaging

Daily, a great number of business ideas strive to conquer the market. It is not an easy task to win consumer attention, so do not be reluctant about UX design: make it user-friendly and easy-to-use. To arrive at the understanding with your development team, make sure to prepare a product's wireframe. You will save expenditures and make the process handy for the development team thus accelerating your product’s time-to-market.

Take Care of the Development Process

Let’s assume that you have already looked through different case studies, observed the market of technologies and hand-picked your development team. You still have to keep an eye on the process of implementing you preplanned steps, for it is the perfect time to refine and improve your MVP and clearly define your follow-up marketing strategy.

You Are About to Rest on Your Laurels…

And there it is—the final stage when you deliver your MVP to the target audience. The main business objective is to receive any feedback that will enable further improvements to your product. You should provide an easy and smooth way to leave comments and reviews. Take into account all consumers' reactions, as their feedback may help reshape your product and business in general. Stick to these principles, and you will get a chance to create and deliver a competitive product that will become a perfect fit in the market.


A brilliant idea is not always enough for success, whilst augmented by careful planning and comprehensive development process, it can push your business forward to the market. By thoroughly studying consumer interest, you invest into your further success, and by seriously choosing your assistant, a software development team, you ensure first-rate quality, design and trend-following features to your product.

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