6 Top Big Data and Data Science Courses to Start Learning Right Now

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6 Top Big Data and Data Science Courses to Start Learning Right Now

In this article, we provide you with six, free Big Data and data science courses you can use to start learning data analytics now.

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Among the most anticipated technology trends for the future, Big Data finds its place and offers an excellent opportunity to shape your career.

Big Data analytics has secured its place in the top technology trends for the year 2020. The increasing demand for AI and machine learning-enabled solutions drives the requirement for data scientists, and big data helps you pave your way to enjoying a successful career in the same.

Data has become an essential entity in today's world. While you continue looking forward to more supportive Artificial Intelligence concepts and practical implementation of them, data plays a crucial role in improving their performance. As Big Data is capable enough to support the changing trends and encourage scientists to bring out their best, it holds the utmost importance in the AI-powered universe.

As more and more tech market leaders are investing in Big Data, it has given birth to rising opportunities for shaping a bright career by learning its concept in advance. Not only can it empower you with the desired job, but the increasing requirement of expert data scientists can power up your career for your entire life. Therefore, it is advisable to start learning big data from today and make the best efforts to lend a secure and high-profile job through your expertise.

What Is Big Data?

Using the extremely large datasets available, Big Data helps to find and analyze patterns, sequences, and possible connection among two or more fields using the best technological approaches. Its entire focus is on the datasets, patterns, and information that can be extracted from them.

Data that has been backed up by a majority of statistical figures, and data allows for better gaining information. In comparison, data that is complex in nature often tends to deliver lower-value information than required. Based on the nature of data, a data scientist has to find an effective way of analyzing it and providing results in the form of valuable information extracted from the data.

Big Data analytics emphasizes delivering results based on the data used and provides excellent services by empowering the AI and machine learning concepts with useful information. As IBM predicted an almost 28% increase in the demand for data scientists, many aspiring data scientists can start brushing up their skills and land a job in their desired profile. but how? 

Apart from the courses and knowledge you learn from classes, there are many ways you can entirely shift your focus on using the best approaches and learn everything from experts. Because of easier internet availability, now it has become easier to seek expert guidance through online courses and tutorials. Some of these resources are also available for free if you are not ready to pay for the courses.

By choosing the right course that can guide you through the entire process and taking the support from experts, you can rely on learning all concepts practically. The experience of the tutor and your ability to learn matters the most when it comes to learning from online courses.

6 Top Online Courses to Choose for Learning Big Data Analytics

Here is a small list of online courses that cover topics and concepts of Big Data analytics and can guide you through using them practically.

1. Data Science Fundamentals by IBM

One of the largest and most popular tech companies, IBM, offers many free courses for data science enthusiasts, and their efforts are included under a module called big data university, now named as Cognitive Class. Before you proceed on an advanced level, it becomes crucial, first, to get a solid understanding of the fundamentals. This course is an excellent choice to do that.

The modules included in this course cover different sections that give you a basic introduction to all the technical support and tools to use. There are no prerequisites to start learning this course. Moreover, the course is offered for free, and you can download the material used in the course from their website. This gives you an advantage of learning even when you are not online.

This course is an excellent venture from IBM that helps you prepare from the start. While the completion certificate included in your portfolio helps you score an added point, you can use it for landing a job in any high profile software development company that works in the same field. As the certification is validated by IBM, you have a bright chance of getting selected because of the reputed certification added to your portfolio.

2. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity

Machine learning, AI, and Big Data analytics are closely associated with each other. Therefore, the data science stream that passes through Big Data also requires a person to know the basics of machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. To use big data analytics at the best pace, it is mandatory to know the possible forms and ways it must be used.

Udacity offers this excellent course that helps a beginner understand the basics of machine learning and gives a chance to explore how data science proceeds with the support of Big Data in machine learning operations. Moreover, this course is included under its Nanodegree program and contains all the industry-relevant content to help you start on the right foot from the beginning.

The course walks you through the fundamentals of machine learning and how Big Data paves the way to providing excellent results. While you get to learn the core concepts of machine learning, you can also choose to switch to making it your primary field. A higher computing ability and excellent logical thinking skills are the primary aspects that help you grasp all about machine learning quickly.

3. Data Mining Course by KDnuggets

KDnuggets is a reputable name in the data mining and big data analytics field. This data science-centric website also offers a course on data mining that introduces the students with the primary aspects of data mining. 

As you are inclined to Big Data analytics and related concepts, this free course provides you the basic information on how data science starts by working with data mining and later proceeding to Big Data. It introduces datasets and their possible mining methods, different algorithms, the basic principles, concepts of mining data and extracting information from it, and many more. 

While you can rely on this excellent resource, it teaches you how the Big Data actually proceeds by introducing data mining concepts that eventually lead to stronger big data analytics concepts.

4. Data Science Courses by Dataquest

Dataquest extensively centers their courses around the topics related to data science. And it indeed includes Big Data analytics. Dataquest offers its course based on the language and level a learner wants to go for. They offer courses that are dedicated to data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers. 

Based on the development language you chose (R or Python), you can take up a course and complete it at your own pace. The courses are offered for free and teach many things, including the essential fundamentals of data science that include big data also.

The materials of the course are made available for free, while premium services, like project reviews, already built examples, and more are not unlocked for free. But the course material itself is excellent.

5. The Open Source Data Science Masters

If you don't want courses that are only centered around Big Data, this website gives you an excellent choice of selecting your preferred stream of data science and the courses and reference materials that are available for free. Open Source data science masters do not provide any course or resources that can teach you, but it has gathered the information on every free course.

You can explore and choose the course of your liking and start learning from the beginning. You can select any course from it, as it includes the URLs of all and directs you to that resource. The majority of these courses lack certification, but if you really want to clear your basics and put your best efforts forward, this website is an ideal choice to start with.

6. Learning From Data by California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is a very reputed university, and when a free course and complete guidance is offered by them, why miss it? The course includes a series of video lectures, reviews, slides, and a final exam. A complete package that delivers knowledge on machine learning and Big Data-related concepts, this course holds the power to teach you the best data analysis practices.

However, the learner is required to possess elementary knowledge of mathematics and data science that can help him/her to grasp the content shared quickly. The course can proceed at your pace, and you can access it repetitively to keep learning from it. 


While there are numerous data science and Big Data analytics courses out there, you can choose any, as per your need to start learning. But, before proceeding to an advanced state, it becomes crucial first to learn the basics and keep your morals high. Practicing the given examples of the course or finding some by yourself is also a good practice.

To learn what's best in the tech industry, you can assure success and offer excellent support to companies in the future with your developed expertise in data mining tasks. Whether you decide to select a course/courses from above or find some of your own, remember to practice. Happy learning!

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