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6 Ways Cyber Security is Affecting the Car Industry

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6 Ways Cyber Security is Affecting the Car Industry

Cyber attackers have become more prominent than ever before, and as cars become more connected there’s a real fear that this could be taken advantage of.

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Cyber security and the need for cyber security have hit the car industry in several ways. Cyber attackers have become more prominent than ever before, and as cars become more connected there’s a real fear that this could be taken advantage of. Here are a few ways in which cyber security has started to affect the car industry.

Intelligence Protection

Cyber security has been strengthened due to concerns over intelligence. Car manufacturers are constantly trying to stay ahead of the competition. There’s a real fear that foreign car manufacturers, particularly from China, are using cyber-attacks to try to obtain confidential intelligence from their rivals.

Automakers have spent millions on upgrading their internal security systems just to protect the intelligence they have. In an industry of such slim margins, a loss of intelligence could threaten their existence.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about how ordinary things connect to the Internet. The car industry has seen the IoT play a prominent part in the way fleets are managed and how efficiency is analyzed. A security breach could play havoc with the figures coming back.

Now the car industry must consider cyber security in areas they never previously considered before. Security analysts must implement new mediums of security to protect data gathering via the IoT.

Self-driving Cars and the Need for Safety

A few states, including California and Ohio, have already started to bring in public road tests for self-driving cars. These cars are becoming more regular sights on the roads of the United States. It’s become clear that in a few years self-driving cars will become commercially available.

It’s opened a completely new area of cyber security. Companies like Pretty Motors are predicting that cyber attackers will target the internal systems that govern the operation of self-driving cars. In theory, this could change the way the car operates as it’s driving, which could put the driver at risk.

Cyber security has become a major national issue for the car industry due to the rise of self-driving cars.

Ransomware and Phishing Attacks

One way in which cyber security has changed the car industry is that it’s simply becoming more of an issue than ever before. Studies reveal that the automotive industry has become one of the most targeted industries for phishing attacks and ransomware. The only industry targeted more often is the manufacturing industry.

The sheer scale of the attacks on car companies nationally and internationally has made cyber security a priority on a scale never conceived.

Supply Chain Safety

Another area where cyber security has never been a factor before, until now, is in the manufacturing supply chain. Automotive companies need to consider the safety of their workers. The machines used to make the cars themselves have become digitized.

This digitization brings many benefits, including further efficiency and more productivity. However, the downside is they have now become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. A new cyber security niche has been opened because of this advance in technology. There are now positions and roles that have never previously existed.

A New Role

The threat of cyber security has forced automotive companies to employ cyber security experts. This was never a factor before and it’s forced automotive companies to take the threat of cyber-attacks seriously. Practically every major automotive company now has divisions dedicated to coping with the threat of cyber security. It’s meant more funds must be diverted to this vital task.

The Continuing Arms Race

Fraudsters and criminals have become more adept at attacking major companies from at home and abroad. It’s led to a constant arms race as new security strategies are invented and criminals come up with new ways to beat them. The biggest change in the world of cyber security, within the car industry, is that it’s touched practically every part of the design and manufacturing process.

A single successful attack couldn’t just lead to a loss of intelligence, it could lead to a lack of consumer confidence. That alone has the potential to bring down a major automotive company.

What do you think is the biggest change cyber security has brought to the car industry?

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