7 Tips to Hire the Perfect Mobile App Developer for Your Company

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7 Tips to Hire the Perfect Mobile App Developer for Your Company

The most talented candidates often get snatched up, so speeding up the hiring process seems a logical solution. Read 7 tips to hire the perfect app developer.

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In today’s competitive market, recruiting the best talent and the perfect mobile app developer is none less than a challenge for a human resource manager of the company. But as this is the age of the Digital era and transformation, therefore, hiring a developer is a must for every mobile app development company.

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The main reason behind the problem of hiring a perfect mobile app developer is the high demand for skilled coders in the market. The most talented candidates in the market often get snatched up quickly by whichever employer moves the fastest to make a strong job offer for them. Therefore speeding up the hiring process seems a logical solution, but it’s not as easy as it sounds and leads into the other major hurdle: It’s hard for non-programmers to assess potential candidates for there business.

To people who don’t know to code and are not aware of the technical side of programming languages and the variety of skills, a mobile app developer should possess it becomes a tough task for them. If the non -technical manager doesn’t know the difference between various programming languages he or she cant scan through resumes, conduct interviews, and select the best match for the position vacant.

There are a few easy things that the non-technical human resource manager can do to make a good hire.

  1. Outline your Business/ project needs before you hire a developer so that you are clear about what you’ll need. 
  2. Write an effective job description. It's a must to attract the right person who can be a good fit for your business/project. 
  3. Structure your recruitment process in such a manner that you can hire a developer who’s a good fit for your business.

But to speak and to hire a dedicated mobile app developer when you are not a technical person yourself following steps discussed below in the article would help you to identify an ideal candidate even if you don’t know anything about coding.

1. Define Who You Are Looking to Hire

This is the first step in the whole recruitment process. It becomes important for the hiring manager, and the development team of the company to be on the same boat about who they are looking to hire, what responsibilities will be assigned to this person, what the expectations are over how will get the work done, what primary technical skills are required, and how the person’s success in the role of a mobile app developer will be gauged.

2. Alienate Your Goals and Mission

There is a chance that one might be looking to hire a dedicated mobile app developer for a short-term project or multiple projects. Whatever is the requirement, it’s important to make sure that the candidate is the right fit for your company or your idea and its people. One needs to check that the company’s goals and mission are always aligned with the selected candidates working style and approach, to avoid unexpected clashes in the future. 

The hired dedicated mobile app developer should be able to understand and agree with your’s company’s mission and values. For instance, if innovation is a core value in your company, the potential mobile app developer should be dynamic and be able to present novel ideas during the conception and development of your mobile app development project.

3. Job Description

Job description plays an important role while you go for hiring the perfect mobile app developer. Therefore an ideal job description should possess consensus on the mobile app developer role from the team, a better idea of the quality of person you are trying to recruit, and a marketing message to attract top candidates. Writing job descriptions is a skill that most technologists do not possess. It’s easy to introduce biases in job descriptions that inadvertently turn off strong candidates or are too vague and drive an unmanageable number of responses that require screening.

Hence while beginning the job description always make it clear and concise by defining the goals of the position. Define what the candidate will do after being part of your company. Will they develop projects from scratch or maintain the existing ones or they need to just check the development process. Make sure you include the tasks involved and the expected methods. 

If any certain necessary qualification is needed, make sure you list it in the mobile app developer JD. If you want to hire developers with excellent communication skills, written skills or any other attributes don’t forget to specify them to the JD list. If the applicant doesn’t qualify the basic requirement, it will save you time and effort to identify the perfect mobile app developer during the process.

4. Posting and Utilize Networking

Once the HR manager gets a clear idea of the kind of mobile app developer the company wants to hire, the next question arises is where and how to find the perfect match. That’s where Job Listing, connections, and networks play a vital role. Maintaining personal contacts and networking on social media can be highly resourceful for the human resource manager at the time of hiring the perfect mobile app developer.

Social media networking sites such as LinkedIn is on hype these days as it is helping to connect the employers and potential hires with the perfect candidates. One can search through their pool of candidates to find the best profile which matches the company's needs. It makes it easier to reach out to perfect mobile app developer candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities and also ones who are inactive in their search but may be interested in the perfect mobile app developer position. 

One can also outsource this task if they don’t have time and patience to go through the finding and hiring process. Once you decide to outsource the perfect mobile app developer there is no doubt that your search may prove to be a quick and cost-effective alternative to your raw search. You will save a lot of time and effort required to shortlist, interview, and hire a candidate. Outsourcing can also further increase your contacts and networking for further hiring of developers in the company.

5. Mobile-Friendly Job Listings

A maximum of candidates these days perform job searches on smartphones first.so if you want the best talent workforce for your company make sure that all your job listings are on mobile-friendly websites. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a huge selection of potential mobile app developers.

One should follow these simple three rules to make your job listing Mobile friendly

  • Use WordPress for your website – WordPress makes all themes mobile-friendly by default. 
  • Get your job on a major job posting sites – They are all mobile-ready and are great for smartphone users. 
  • Get on smartphone apps – There’re many dedicated job hunting apps such as Snagajob on iTunes and Simply Hired on the Google Play store, so be sure to hunt them down and get your job on them.

6. Focus on Talent and Skills

While hiring the perfect mobile app developer for your project, you’re mostly looking for a long term commitment from the candidate. But, instead of valuing longevity, one should focus on the talent and skill match of the right candidate.

It is a must to include direct skill assessment techniques in the interview process to quantify tech skills and tools knowledge of the perfect candidate to ensure that you are going to select a mobile app developer who is fully equipped to deliver quality as well as maintains a friendly environment in the office.

7. Involve the Team

Team involvement plays a crucial role while selecting the appropriate mobile app developer for any company. As the potential mobile app developer that would be hired or selected would be co-ordinating and interacting with other team members as well for the completion of his work assigned. 

Therefore it is a better decision to involve those teammates in the selection process like the Product Manager, Research Analyst, UI /UX designer, etc. this decision would have a positive effect on the new as well as existing employees too as it will make them feel valued and boosts their morale.

Different people have different approaches and at different points of time value different skills and qualities. Therefore, involving your teammates will give you more insight into the candidate. Thus, you’ll be able to make a more learned decision about the perfect mobile app development selection.


One should never consider hiring a mobile app developer as a nightmare. Even if you think Scala is a skin disease (it might be) and Java is an island in Indonesia (it is), you can hire a perfect mobile app developer. You just have to make sure you pay closer attention to details by matching up the needs of the business with the skills of the developer. 

Start by making sure you understand your project well and what it’s going to take to complete it. Use your findings to inform your choices. A little research would help you the most to select the right type of developers for your project. 

Finally, be sure to create a juicy job description by emphasizing all your options, and then listing them into the appropriate places. When you decide to hire a developer it doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. And if it still does, simply hire an offshore development team and make your job easy, cost-effective, and quality-oriented.

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