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7 Free Tools IT Pros Love

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7 Free Tools IT Pros Love

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In information technology, the tools you use are almost as important as the experience and knowledge you have. There are a plethora of tools in the IT world, ranging in cost from free to thousands of dollars a year.

Free software really is the best, but it doesn’t always mean high quality. However, thanks to booming advancements in technology, there are more quality free tools than ever, including the seven top-rated tools listed here.

1. Start8

Odds are, the number one complaint you’ll hear regarding Windows 8 (particularly from the older generation) is the lack of a start button. Though the improvements to the operating system provide a neater and more user-friendly arrangement, the lack of a start button is very disconcerting for some people. The Start8 tool is Windows’ solution to the issue. It’s an extremely simple, free fix that will make you look like a tech hero.

2. Ninite

You’ve more than likely already heard of this nifty tool, but it’s still worth mentioning. Ninite is a micro installer that automatically manages downloads and other software installs. It’s very useful for performing clean installs, starting new systems, and reformatting disks. It’s also great for finding and installing updates as your system needs them.

3. Help Desk

The Help Desk software offered by Spiceworks is perfect for the overworked IT professional desperate for a little more organization. This program, which is free as long as you install, manage, and back it up yourself, is the perfect tool for tracking tickets, delegating tasks among team members, and connecting with other IT professionals. It’s not just a program that can help manage tasks. It’s also a link to over 6 million IT pros that can offer you support and answer challenging tech questions in an instant.

4. Everything

Another great tool that’s meant to make the Windows programs more efficient and user-friendly, Everything is an exceptionally fast and efficient search feature that combs your entire hard drive for your search request. You can probably imagine just how priceless this tool is when you’re working on improving a system. You can find all of the files and data you need in a matter of seconds.

5. LastPass

One of the biggest issues IT pros encounter when working with clients is maintaining system credentials. In a world where identity theft and fraud are extremely common, you can’t blame them for being reluctant to hand over their passwords. LastPass fixes that problem. When installed, it acts as a password manager that’s compatible with all major operating systems. It not only stores all of your passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, mailing addresses, and other sensitive info, but it also grants you access to someone else’s account without revealing their password to you.  

6. Fing

Never lose a network again with Fing, a handy network discovery tool. When activated, it scans your network for all IP addresses connected to the devices on your network. It shows you which devices are on your network, which operating systems they’re using, and their names. It makes organizing and keeping track of Wi-Fi connections incredibly simple.

7. Combofix

This clever tool, which runs best on Windows PCs, is excellent for detecting and deleting any spyware. It’s an extremely powerful tool, but you’ll want to monitor it closely. It runs at the same level as your system, and can disintegrate the occasional file you want to keep if you aren’t careful. The best advice for keeping Combofix running smoothly is to download it to your desktop where you can keep an eye on it. Even with that proviso, it’s still one of the best tools out there for combatting spyware.

IT work just got a whole lot easier. With this list of free software, you’ll be able to face some of the biggest IT challenges with ease.



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