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7 Kanban Board Examples

Some examples of how to set up your Kanban boards for specific tasks in the organization even outside of software development.

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The key to a successful kanban workflow is to continuously improve it. You can improve your process by visualizing metrics to help you action the visible bottlenecks.

But how do you define a workflow process to begin with?

We’ll go through 7 kanban board examples to inspire you and your team:

  1. Product development
  2. Sales
  3. Marketing
  4. Design
  5. Software development
  6. Agencies / Consultancy firms
  7. At home / personal

Product Development

The aim of a product team is to produce features, fix bugs and resolve issues.

Workflow: To do > Doing > Done

Product Development Kanban Board


The aim of a sales team is to get leads and close deals.

Workflow: Lead > Research > Engagement > Done

Sales Kanban Board


The aim of a marketing team is to put a product into their right people’s minds to generate leads.

Workflow: Requirements > Implementation > Marketing > Done

Marketing Kanban Board


The aim of the design team is to create interfaces and experiences for products which ‘wow’ customers.

Workflow: UI/UX > Prototype > Implementation > Done

Design Kanban Board

Software Development

The aim of software development teams is to complete software projects.

Workflow: Backlog > Design > Development > Done

Software Development Kanban Board

Agencies / Consultancy Firms

The aim of an agency is to complete projects for their clients.

Workflow: Requirements > Implementation > Review > Done

Customize this for each client and/or project.

Agency Kanban Board

At Home / Person

You can manage your personal projects, or even your family life, with a kanban board!

Workflow: To Do > Doing > Done

Personal Kanban Board

As you can see, kanban boards and workflows come in a variety of shapes and (column) sizes. There is no ‘best’, but with continuous improvement, you can create the most efficient version of your workflow in your kanban board.

Have a different workflow or board? Share it with us!

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