7 Qualities of a Good Software Development Resource

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7 Qualities of a Good Software Development Resource

There is a big difference between an Average developer and an Exceptional Skilled resource, that companies are normally looking to hire.

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Software Developers are of so much importance in recent times. They are at the core of any Digital Transformation taking place in any industry across the world. We live in a digital era where almost everything is software controlled. Right from Application Development to Product Engineering, software developers have a major role to play.

This importance is rightly understood by the world and so we can see several educational institutes training students on being a software developer, but not everybody is exceptional. There is a big difference between an Average developer and an Exceptional Skilled resource, that companies are normally looking to hire.

7 Qualities That Makes You a Good Developer

  1. Exceptional coding skills: To have learned coding versus to be inclined towards coding is very different. You can learn the tricks but cannot be skillful unless you are deep into it. Great developers, eat, and sleep coding.
  2. Passionate about work: Passion is something that drives us. If we are just opting for software development as a profession because we have learned it, that will not do any good for anybody. One has to be passionate enough.
  3. Analytical skills: We usually say that Analysts collect the details and communicate with clients, developers just have to implement it. That is a big NO if you want to stand out. You have to be proactive. You need to give suggestions on what is the best way to implement things. These things contribute to the increased possibility of client satisfaction. Analysts are not the one who can suggest the best approaches, it is you who can.
  4. Communication skills: Requirement analysis gaps are a major reason for project failures. This is because developers don’t talk to customers directly and the ones who talk are not technically as sound as developers are. So it becomes really important to have at par communication skills for the success of the project. It also contributes to client retention.
  5. Basic testing abilities: If you can test a project before passing it to the testing teams, you can nearly reduce 50% of the errors. This saves time and cost and helps in delivering better quality products faster. You must learn the basics of functionality testing, unit testing, and performance testing.
  6. Staying updated: Software development is a dynamic field. Every day multiple updates are coming up in terms of tools, technologies, processes, and so on. You must be aware of the latest development in the software industry.
  7. SEO Overview: There are so many SEO factors that are considered while developing an application or a product. Generally, the marketing team is in charge of these things, but usually, they are not part of the project when it is in development. What happens next is, when marketing steps in, they come up with multiple requests that increase delivery time and cost. It is absolutely a gem if you know the basics of SEO centric development.

These factors look overwhelming but you can be among the best developers by slightly tweaking from what you already do. Keep an open mind and grasp whatever you see around. Say for Testing, if you look at the errors, you will find a common pattern of errors, from which you can learn and try to avoid them or test them from the next time onwards. For SEO, the requests are very common and that can be incorporated right when you are preparing the functionality, and so on.

Exceptional developers are hard to find. But one can easily transform from being an average to exceptional by being a little more proactive and passionate. Happy Coding!

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