7 Reasons Why People Do Not Like IT

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7 Reasons Why People Do Not Like IT

Technology has made all our lives incredibly easy and convenient... so why does IT get such a bad rap?

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Over the past few decades humanity has been thrilled with the world of information technology. One way or another, we all are a part of this industry that is rapidly developing and catches more and more people in its nets. Everybody understands advantages and prospects of working in this industry. It is quite difficult to find an example of a person who quits information technology and starts career in a different sphere. It usually happens quite the opposite; today lots of people change their speciality and start working in our unique “small” world.

Despite obvious advantages, there are certain disadvantages in IT sphere. There are not many minuses and some of them are inessential, but why can’t we see the critical side of our industry.

Permanent Learning

Everybody understands that learning is great. We have to learn in any situation and at any time. Education opens new opportunities and new paths in life. But when we chose our profession 10-15 years ago, nobody knew that the process of learning would be non-stop. Whatever we do in IT, learning is going to be a part of our work. The most interesting thing is that technologies are changing one another so fast that we can “learn” and implement one when in a month a new technology appears on the market. And we need to learn, implement, and test again. Learning in IT is like a hamster on a wheel, and we play the role of the hamster here.

Challenging Tasks

Everybody likes interesting tasks, new technologies, and self-improvement. It is the interest in new and challenging tasks that helps to grow the IT industry. One would wonder how we can call it a minus. Unfortunately, each of us falls into this trap. Only because of the challenging tasks you can drop everything. They are like drugs, we think about them before sleep, at night, while spending time with friends and family, sometimes they bother us even more than our own life.


IT is developing very fast, captures new markets and the whole industries. Due to the rapid growth there is lack of employees. If there is a lack of resources, there is an attempt to quickly fill this gap and, unfortunately, not always with professional personnel. On the other hand, an unprofessional environment spreads because of the huge amount of investments in the industry, and these investments bring people that are not necessarily proficient in IT.

Permanent Market Change

Information Technology is a unique sphere that creates huge markets on its own, such as: web, mobile, games, big data, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robots, etc. We follow each of them as much as possible. At the same time it is very difficult to predict what sphere takes the lead, and what direction is worth developing. It seems that all these spheres are alike, but each of them requires specific knowledge and skills.

Evil Corporations

Eventually monopolies appear in every society. This is one of the basics of capitalism, and we just need to accept it. The company develops a terrific product, earns money, and wins new markets. In the process that corporation overtakes smaller companies and becomes an enormous monopoly. It’s not that we don’t like evil corporations; in fact, they make a positive contribution by releasing outstandable products and creating new markets for us. It’s just sad to watch how after another purchase of a great product, it “dies” in the hands of a corporation.

Limits and Restrictions

What the IT world hates the most are restrictions and governments of different countries. Not many people can admit that, but it’s a fact. Limits and bureaucracy piss off not only corporation executives but also all the rest of the staff in the IT industry. We just can’t understand why we are forbidden to do our work. Anyway, more and more restrictions are imposed from year to year.

Do We Make the World Better?

I suppose, each of us ask this question. And most of us will give a positive answer. The interesting thing here is that this is we who convince the humanity that it is better to live with the world of technology and is going to be even better. Leaders of the industry tell you about new technologies and bright, carefree futures. But we also understand that we provide more than just benefits. People spend their time with mobile phones even on dates! Automation does cost jobs, and some people are fated to live on welfare. We are becoming asocial and with implementing new technologies there may be no need for us to leave our houses and enter the real world.


We like and value IT industry. It's given us a lot and we are trying to make a contribution to it. Each of us finds lots of happy moments in our work. We go forward and grow within this industry, fall, and get up again. And what is most important, every imperfection that we see in the IT sphere, we see in ourselves as well.

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