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7 Secrets of getting visitors from Facebook to your blog

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7 Secrets of getting visitors from Facebook to your blog

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The secrets are out, so get in whilst the getting is good before everybody is pulling Facebook viewers from the site and onto their blog page. Here are seven of the most up to date tips for getting visitors from your Facebook page to your blog. Keep in mind that even though some of these tips may seem obvious, they are actually so obvious that people are not trying them. It is the dynamic and the overt who are winning traffic from Facebook. Maybe it is time you put down your marketing books and tried a few more crude (but effective) methods.

1 – Ask your friends to recommend you on their profiles

Sometimes the big marketing tactics and the years of learning marketing techniques will take a side step, to simply asking your friends. Ask them on their profile pages if you like, and give them the link on there too. They may just help you out and start promoting your blog for you. And even if they do not, if you can a link on their profiles then you are half way home anyway.

2 – Post previews and snippets of your blog posts

This is a crude and simple tactic, but it is not like your blog is a public newspaper. How else are people going to know what your blog is about (or that you even have a blog) if you do not show people snippets of it. You can show previews of up and coming blog posts, although this is not always effective. What you can do is write a little bit about your blog post for this week, and post what you write on your Facebook profile. You can also post a snippet of your blog post so that people can start reading it, and if they like what they read then they can go to your blog post and read more.

3 – Post links to your blog post frequently

This is another crude method of getting people from your Facebook profile to your website or blog. But again, if you do not give people a route to your blog then how can they ever even know it exists. You should post links to give people the chance and opportunity to find your blog and look at it.

4 – Start relevant conversations to drive people there

Start a conversation about the topic of your blog and get a little bit of dialogue going. Then after you have inserted an opinion or two, you can refer people to your blog so that you may give your full reasons for giving the answers that you did. People may even wish to carry on the conversation after they have seen the blog post. If that is the case, then you could encourage them to make a comment at the bottom of your blog.

5 – Consider sharing a blog post on Facebook now and again

It is possible to share entire blog posts if you wish. This may seem as if it is going to scare people away from reading your blog, but if you do this sort of thing infrequently then it will not be a problem. Obviously, if you do it too often then you are going to repel people from attending your blog. Because what is the point of going to your blog if you post all of your blog posts on Facebook?

6 – Explicitly and shamelessly promote your blog post

It is shameful, tawdry, but sometimes necessary. If your subtle marketing tactics are not working then just try an all out shouting fest (metaphorically). Get onto your Facebook page and tell the world how great you blog is. Write about it with sheer reverence and quote from it as if you were a high-powered priest quoting from the bible. Tell the world that if your blog post was covered in pollen, that it would be the bee’s knees. Tell them that if your blog post was hanging off the end of a dog, that it would be the dogs… (well you get the idea).

7 – Review your own blog post on your profile.

Do it professionally and objectively. Funnily enough, if you write a review with a detached and objective manner, people may assume that you did not write it. They may also be more inclined to believe a critical (but positive) review, over you trying to shamelessly promote your blog post (as per point number 6).

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