7 Software Quality Stats Scarier than Halloween

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7 Software Quality Stats Scarier than Halloween

Michael Myers? Yawn. Freddy Krueger? Boring. These seven software quality stats? Terrifying.

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What’s scarier than all the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins you’re likely to confront this weekend?

If you're in the software business, you'll probably end up with more nightmares from the following stats than from any Halloween horrors…

  • Only 50% of developers/testers are using Continuous Testing within DevOps. 29% aren't using it yet, but plan to. 21% have no plans to start. (Capgemini, Sogeti and HP World Quality Report 2015-2016) 
  • Upon the announcement of a software failure, public companies lost an average of $2.3 billion of shareholder value in 2013-2014 (a -3.75% loss of market capitalization). So far in 2015, this has increased to $4.06 billion—a -4.12% loss of market capitalization every time that news of faulty software hits the wire. (Parasoft study)  
  • Less than half of agile teams follow coding standards. Less than a quarter use automated acceptance testing. (VersionOne State of Agile Development study)
  • 35% of testers report that they spend more than half of their week not testing. 46% want to spend significant time creating automated tests, but 64% currently spend little to no time on it. (Software Quality Engineering survey
  • Developers and testers require access to an average of 52 dependencies, but 67% have unrestricted access to only 10 or fewer of the required dependencies. (voke Service Virtualization report
  • 36% of developers/testers wait a week or more for access to dev/test environments. After waiting, it takes them an average of 14 days to get a development environment configured (or 12 days to get a QA/test environment configured). (voke Virtual and Cloud Based Labs report) 
  • Over one-third of developers don't think their companies perform enough pre-release testing. 56% estimated that their last significant software bug resulted in an average of $250,000 in lost revenue. (Electric Cloud survey
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